In 2014, I wrote a blog. “Eckhart Tolle is on the rich man’s list. Is this the price of enlightenment?” Today, I have added my first short comment.

In 2014, I wrote  a critique on the wealth of Eckhart Tolle, the well-know spiritual teacher and author of THE POWER OF NOW, one of the mostly widely read spiritual books in the last two decades.

The critique encouraged a strong recommendation to Mr Tolle to offer all or some of his teachings on dana (donation) for the single parent, student, low income, unemployed and elderly. They have to depend on Youtube for his teachings, which have been important for many people. I wrote about the importance of the power of donations.

I questioned the relationship of spirituality to immense wealth.

The blog received a wide range of comments from strong appreciations to fierce criticisms. I believe this blog may have had more responses than any other of my blogs. Around 375 comments. Readers comments are at the foot of the 2014 blog, Some appear to have strong views and emotions around money issues. This is the link to the blog followed below is my response  in the Comments section.

Eckhart Tolle is on the Rich Man’s List. Is this the price of enlightenment?

For the first time, I added today 02 May 2021, a short response.

I wrote: Thank you for all your comments over several years. This might be the first time I have written a comment. for this blog. I have received a full range of appreciations and criticisms of my concerns about spirituality and accumulation of immense wealth. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Jesus said: “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19.23). I still agree with Jesus, who stated this on more than one occasion.

I wrote the blog around 2014. Eckhart’s wealth at that time was estimated at $15,000,000. Today, the net worth of Eckhart Tolle is around $80,000,000 according to the website.

The global pandemic has currently blocked the opportunity for all, regardless of income, to attend public events of spiritual teachers, and others. The wealthy and the poor can unite on Youtube to listen to his teachings.

May his teachings continue to be beneficial and insightful.

May all being understand the power of our relationship to the past, to the present and to the future

May all beings understand the timeless – unbound to past, present and future.

  • I’m not a Christian but I agree with Jesus also.

    I’m not sure why it’s so universally accepted that consumer capitalism is the only way of living as a human being? Or even the *preferred* way…

    Why base your society on one of the worst aspects of the human psyche instead of the nicer traits?

    There have been many examples of better organisation in the past but they all seem to have got stomped on .

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