We experience the impact from within and without. Join our September online meetings

Five Online weekly 75 minute Workshops from Saturday 2 September 2023. Despite a certain resilience, human beings remain vulnerable to the impact of inflows from within affecting our consciousness, state of mind and sometimes health.

“Too often law and justice are in a dysfunctional relationship.” Justice Rosalie Silberman of Canada

I copied and pasted below a section of a fierce critique of those who attack justice. Justice Rosalie Silberman gave the lecture upon receiving the 2023 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Medal of Honour from the World Jurist Association.

Mindfulness Teacher Training Course. Only 8 places left. Here are 8 reasons why

12-month training. Zoom. Plus two in-person meetings.

MTTC starts in mid-October 2023 and ends in mid-October 2024. Participants can join the first six-month module for a six-month personal training in mindfulness or a 12-month training to qualify as an accredited teacher.

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