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Ten Questions on Causation for Reflection and Meditation to support Wise Action

We often live in the spell of cause and effect as if the cause had an independent existence not related to anything else.

Let us explore our typical ways of viewing in cause-and-effect terms to reveal the limits of any view. Dogma consists of grasping onto a view, making it a fixation in the mind, without realising the limits of the view.

Take your time to read the ten questions. You could use the scoring or not scoring of a goal as a metaphor or a successful or not successful activity.

Read slowly. Read aloud. You may get a deep sense of the foolishness of holding onto a position instead of applying wisdom.

Ten Questions on Causation

  1. If something arose (such as a goal or successful outcome) solely from something else, such as the penalty taker, then the penalty taker could produce the same result every time.  If the penalty taker cannot produce the same result every time, then the penalty taker is not a single cause of the goal.
  2. If something arose from something else (outside the penalty taker and goalkeeper), then what would that something be?
  3. Would that something in something else be the same or different?
  4. If something neither arose from itself, nor other, nor both, then from what did it arise?
  5. Can something arise without conditions?
  6. If so, then wouldn’t life consist of things and situations independently arising? Wouldn’t such independent arising show nothing has any relationship to anything else?
  7. If everything that happens is due to God, Inshallah, chance, fate, destiny, luck, karma, evolution, DNA or past lives, should we consider our lives like a cork on the ocean of unrest and all actions out of our hands?
  8. If we claim that there are none of these influences, do we think we have free will and free choice to get anything we want so that everything is in our hands (or feet, such as the goal)?
  9. If we claim powerful influences shape our lives, then what percentage of these major influences shape much of our lives? What percentage does not shape our lives?
  10. If we say, we have free will/free choice, independent of these influential forces, then what would be an expression of a free will independent of such historical influences of causes and conditions, including memory, energy and behaviour? If we possess free will, we would score a goal every time. If we do not have free will, why put ourselves down?

May all beings be free from clinging to view

May all beings explore dependent arising conditions

May all beings abide with wisdom

TEN YEARS AND TEN DAYS. A 528-page Memoir. Christopher Titmuss. Life for six years as a Buddhist monk. One circle of the Earth.

I wrote a Memoir of my years overseas between 1967-1977. My mother (1920-2015) kept encouraging me to write the book. She kept the 427 letters and aerogrammes I posted home.
I promised her faithfully I would hand her three or four chapters before she died. I kept the promise. During the lockdown in 2020 and early 2021, I took the opportunity to write the other 80 chapters completing the book in Spring 2021.
The book recalls firsthand experiences includes Buddhist practices, insights and depths of teachings found in the East.

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How to take Lateral Flow Test for Covid. Some useful instructions

I decided to take a lateral flow test for Covid. I have no symptoms of Covid but wish to familiarise myself with the process as I start to travel more. I asked a person in the hospitality industry who takes a lateral flow test twice a week. The person kindly gave a basic guidance of the general sequence of the process from start to finish.

In the UK, you go to your local pharmacist, complete a form on your mobile phone, and you will receive a blue package for seven tests. The box contains detailed instructions and there is also an online video available.

The guide below for the flow test might serve as an additional support. Please note it is not a professional list of instructions.

Useful Points for Lateral Flow Test

  1. Empty fluid with cap to twist into test-tube.
  2. Place test tube in the hold in the packaging.
  3. Use mobile phone torch to see back of throat.
  4. Take swab to membranes on both sides of the throat.
  5. Use swab and move slowly up one nostril until you reach point of no further.
  6. Take eight seconds for all three areas and keep turning swab in all three areas.
  7. Turn swab all the time. Rotate swab around the nostril several times.
  8. Mix swab with fluid in test tube for 15 seconds.
  9. Secure the dripper lid of test tube.
  10. Place two drops of fluid from test tube into the hole marked S on test strip.
  11. Remember you need to invert and squeeze the two drops.
  12. Make sure the test strip is placed flat.
  13. The test is complete after 30 mins.
  14. A line at C confirms the test is valid. A second line at T means you are Covid-19 positive.
  15. If tested positive, self-isolate for 10 days to protect others.
  16. Advise your clinic/physician.

Be Mindful. Covid is still highly infectious whether you have had both jabs, one jab or neither.


Can an individual transcend suffering while surrounded by collective suffering? One of the questions from a meditator.

Around 90 participants joined all or part of four days of Dharma teachings/practices in the Australian time zone between 24-28 September 2021 with Samantha from Melbourne and myself.

Meditators had the opportunity to ask questions either directly on Zoom, via the Zoom Chat column or by writing us an email. Continue reading 

Spaces on three Minfulness/Meditation retreats in Germany. 12-17 October, 17-22 October and 22-24 October 2021. Do join.

Due to late cancellations, we have spaces on all three retreats at the Waldhaus Buddhist Zentrum, Nickenich, Andernach, Germany.

Tuesday evening 12- 7 Sunday lunch 17 October

Sunday evening 17 October to Friday lunch 22 October

Friday evening 22 October to Sunday lunch 24 October.

With Christopher Titmuss
Zentrum for Buddhismus
One hour from Bonn/Cologne
Waldhaus Am Laacher See
56645, Nickenich, Germany

Telephone: 02636 – 3344

Nearest railway station: Andernach
To Register for any retreat, send email to:
For information:

The retreats consist of comprehensive mindfulness/meditation instructions in sitting, walking, standing/reclining, inter-views with myself, inquiry, questions and answers and a daily talk. Silence is a major feature of these retreats. Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators.

A precious moment can change a life.

Do come.

Photo shows view from Waldhaus Retreat Centre.

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