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IS THE EARTH TRAUMATISED? UNINHABITABLE. A Long, Poetic Critique on our Long Lasting Omnicrisis


i Who is Responsible?
ii. An Experience of Enviro-mental life.
iii. As Creatures fly to the Unknown
iv Winter Chills breathe down our Neck
v. Uninhabitable? Continue reading 

Introduction to ‘Uninhabitable.’ A Long Poem on the Fate of the Earth.

Background to writing the poem UNINHABITABLE

I spent three weeks in Germany in the last two weeks of October and the first week of November 2022. I taught two five-day retreats at the Waldhaus Zentrum, 15 minutes from Andernach, about an hour or so from Bonn. I offered the final session of the Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC) at the Pauenhof Zetnrum, about an hour from Dusseldorf in northwest Germany. Continue reading 


September exposes the python winding its way
A concrete world, of slabs of stone with
Daunting streets and the chill of the coalface Continue reading 

Six Much Loved Sonnets of William Shakespeare. To Nourish Your Soul and Shed Light on your Life

I have selected six of my favourite poems of the 154 poems in the Sonnets of William Shakespeare. These sonnets shed light on your life, reveal the beauty and expose the dark corners. Continue reading 

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