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Poems and Prose

Darkness. A Poem by Lord Byron. Written in 1818. A poem for the foreboding we might sense.

In his own dark period, Lord Byron, the adventurous English romantic poet, wrote Darkness about the violence of men, war and the end of the world.

Byron left  England, travelled to Switzerland where he wrote the poem in 1818 with its despairing undertones about the state of humanity.  He spent  a nomadic and flamboyant life in continental Europe, especially in Mediterranean countries. He expressed his social/political concerns. He had a range of lovers both on the continent and in Britain. Continue reading 

I HEAR YOUR VOICE. A Poem for those facing difficulties in their relationship


I hear your trumpet call on grassy slope,

you utter messages of loss of hope,

and blow up your issues to break the ties,

thus follows swollen red in burning eyes.


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The Songs of Leonard Cohen are not his Primary Legacy

Like a US drone missile hovering mercilessly for days over a Pakistani village, Lord Yama, the Personification of the Conditions for Death, hovers over the Earth daily targeting young and old, rich and poor, healthy and sick.

Lord Yama selected on November 7, 2017, the beloved Canadian poet/song writer, Leonard Cohen. Continue reading 

Subtle Degrees. Commentary on a much loved poem by Rumi

A friend sent me  this Rumi poem,

Rumi (1207 – 1273) , a Persian poet, was born in Balkh, Afghanistan and died in Konya,Turkey.

I have written a commentary after the poem.

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