Our beloved school in Bodh Gaya, India. A school report revealing happiness

Our beloved Prajna Vihar School (School of Wise Abiding) in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India provides classes for more than 500 children, plus meditation, the performing arts and steps to liberation from severe poverty.

Most of the children come from many of the poorest families in the area.

School includes prayer, singing, dance, mindfulness, meditation, sharing and giving. Pupils have an excellent record with learning/exams and winning local competitions from essays to the performing arts.

In 1992, the school took root in a modest way with around 40 children in a class in a monastery and gradually expanded over the years. Plenty of children attending our school were beggars on the streets of Bodh Gaya, a major place of pilgrimage for Buddhists worldwide. These same children went on to attend university, learn foreign languages to become tourists guides, work in Bollywood, manage hotels and are CEOs of their own growing businesses.

Education has the power to liberate young and old from desperate hardship.

Years ago, we used to have a sign hanging up in the school. “Boys learn for themselves. Girls go home and teach all their family reading, writing and arithmetic.” Some of the boys got the message!

You cannot imagine the happiness of the parents, many illiterate, who spent their life living in mediaeval poverty. They witness their children become confident citizens making a real contribution to India, to society, their community and their parents.

Prajna Vihar School (School of Abiding Wisdom) welcomes children of all backgrounds and religious faith. Our head teacher is a Catholic nun. Teachers and pupils are Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, secular and more.

School Report

This week our beloved school sent a report to supporters of the school from late December 2023 to late March 2024. Here is an edited version.

8th December 2023

We had farewell program for our 9th and 10th class students. It was a great joy for each one of us that they have completed their schooling in Prajna Vihar School for 10/12 years most of them. That they have received good knowledge/education & learned many things for their future. So, in remembrance of PVS (Prajna Vihar School) a small gift, a pocket Dictionary was given to them. And our wish is that pupils may have a long life, a better future and become good citizens.

23rd December 2023

We had today Christmas celebration in Jeevan Sangham with Inter -Religious people. Our students took part in the Christmas quiz competition, and our students won the Ist prize. Everyone congratulated them and they were very happy & thrilled with joy. They received the shield as a personal and in the name of the school. Wherever our students take part they always win the prize. We feel proud of them and thank God for our students.

6th January 2024

Three friends from France came on the 5th to our school and expressed the wish to distribute for our students a sweater and pen. We cannot forget their love towards our students, who were in great need. May God Bless them in their every endeavors.

26th January 2024

On this day we celebrated 76th Republic Day. We invited our Chief Guest Prof. Kailash Prasad, who willingly accepted our invitation and came. After hoisting the flag and playing the National Anthem there was March Past, P.T., Patriotic & action songs and dance performed well by our budding stars.

29th January 2024

Today from Corian Temple two Dhamma Buddha’s came with flowers and two Guava Plants which were planted in the campus. We are grateful for their generosity.

31st January 2024

Today the friends of Vietnamese came along with our old students. They distributed some eatable things for all the students. They brought and distributed Maggi packet, Rusk and Chocolate among our all students. Our students were excited with joy and the Vietnamese friends were also very much delighted.

1st – 3rd February 2024. In Mahabodhi Society there was 133rd Anniversary Celebration. They invited all the close by school students to take part in their celebration. They have kept 1st day Prayerful dance, 2nd day dance program outside and 3rd day a dance from Shri Lankan dancers performed. it was very excited to see. At the end, all the students and the teachers were given a small gift.

7th February 2024

Today in Mahabodhi Society there was Meditation training conducted by the Hyderabadi persons. Our students were called specially to join the meditation training for their future life. So, we sent the 7th and 8 class students for this training. We believe that this may help them to their lifelong journey.

12th March 2024

The Vietnamese group came on 11th March to find out with our old student Awdhesh Kumar from Mastipur Village. They asked what is needed at present for the children? So, we suggested them that if you give writing material. They asked us how many? We also asked: We asked, “Will you provide for all the students or some of them.” They replied enthusiastically that they will provide for all the students. So, we arranged with the shop keepers and brought the copies. The group distributed to the students at our school with delight. We were very grateful for their generosity of heart. May the Good Lord bless them in all what they do.

13th and 14th March 2024

Special Guest Radha Nicholson from NSW, Australia and Mr. Bryan Tucker from Boston, USA (two Dharma teachers) visited our school over several days. Mr. Bryan gave beautiful motivational stories, which Sapna Mam helped the children understand. The children were very happy to hear the stories.

16th March 2024

Today, we said farewell for the 8th class students. Beautiful prayer prayers were said by students and teaches for their successful future life. There was a small entertainment program and farewell song by the students of class 7th. After that Sr. Udita, the Principal appreciated the students being with us for 10 years or from 5-9 years. Snacks were served for the outgoing students and all those who were present for the program.

27th March 2024

Today we were filled with great joy, because being a Holi feast. We were untouched by any Holi color. We welcomed Radha Nicholson, Mr. Bryan and 27 friends from different countries like Australia, France, Israel, Sweden and India. We were very much exhilarated with joy. Our students were very. happy, active. Everybody danced and enjoyed together. And Mr. Bryan too played his musical instrument. People sang a song with much expression – (Raghupati Raghaw Raja Ram Patita Pawan Sita Ram.) We enjoyed singing together. We were thankful to everybody for their sacrificing spirit, mind and Heart.

May the Good Lord bless the students and keep them under his loving protection,

May they be able to continue the work which they are continuously doing.

May Good Lord fill them with Peace, joy and Happiness.

Some gave a donation for the running costs of the school.

Sr Udita, the Principal, acknowledge their presence among us.

May God bless you all.

To learn and see more about our school, look at our website.

You can also donate. See link at top of home page.

We plan to provide a brand-new website in the weeks ahead.

Our beloved school in Bodh Gaya, India. A school report revealing happiness Read More »

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What does it mean? Practical Steps.

You are welcome to join Christopher Titmuss and the Eamba Community as we start off the new year with a talk and dialogue on MINDFUL SOCIETIES, the Eamba theme of 2024.

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Guided Meditation. Subtle Experiences of Happiness

Adapted and Edited from a recording. A Guided Meditation on the Subtle Experiences of Happiness. 1 October 2023. The Wise Lotus Centre, Letchworth Garden City, Herts, UK.

First the posture itself please remember the sitting posture, an opportunity to develop calm and clarity.

You can practice on the bus as you go to work, the train, in your car and in the coffee shop. You can develop mindfulness sitting at the kitchen table, at the desk in the office and on the bench in the park.

Every time there’s a sitting posture, there’s an opportunity, maybe for a minute or two, to be mindful, silent and meditative.

Read a sentence or paragraph slowly. Wait around a minute and then read the next sentence or paragraph.

Right now, Sit tall allowing the whole being to rest. Feel close to the body – the body of vibrations, sensations, know parts of the body as warm, cool or cold.

Photo: I took the picture in the desert on one of my many visits to Palestine.

Experience the pulse of life, changing vibrations, sensations, tingling, throbbing going on in the body.

Feel the expanse of the cells.

Your trust in presence will bring you closer to happiness.

You will experience the body rather than being in the spell of the body image.

There is quiet vitality of the experience of the cells resting in the silence, in stillness with only the sounds of my voice and the sound of traffic passing through the silence.

There is exposure to a quiet form of happiness knowing the sweetness of the whole body.

Allow the whole body to settle down,  so you know a sense of wellbeing, of balance and steadiness.

Find ways to explore and remember the postures in the daily life for application.

Instead of human doing, doing doing or human running after, you experience human being – just being in contact with the immediacy.

With closed eyes, experience the light under your eyelids.

If you eyes are open witness the diversity of colour. Stay receptive to colour and the movement of sound, so you know a quiet happiness.

Be mindful of the warmth of this morning. Be mindful of being in the company of people engaged in meditation practice.

Happiness comes from knowing human life can look at itself and life can change itself.

Happiness contributes to insights and understanding for the welfare of others, friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and more.

Expand your awareness to everyone and everything around you.

Sense an immeasurable expansion of existence. This expansion will give you a proper perspective on your story and your daily life issues.

A proper perspective frees up happiness.

Be available to the presence of life with the happiness that can emerge from the capacity to see clearly.

Authentic happiness comes from ethics, presence, mindfulness, meditation, reflection, calm, insights and emergence from your inner depth and the depth of others.

Guided Meditation. Subtle Experiences of Happiness Read More »

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