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My grandson, Kye Allwood, wins a place at Goldman Sachs, the investment bankers, for the summer of 2023. Around 10,000 applicants.

My grandson, Kye Allwood, 21, a Sheffield University student of economics, joins investment bankers Goldman Sachs in their London headquarters for the summer weeks of 2023.

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A Pop Musical, Fantastically Great Women, highlights the amazing stories of women in history. A wow of a live performance.

A pop musical, Fantastically Great Women who Changed the World, highlights the amazing stories of women in history who continue to give inspiration to girls and teenagers to be bold and imaginative. Continue reading 

Buddha Study Guide. Join our Monthly meeting. Themes of Discourses. For June, July, August and September 2022

Join the Buddha Study Guide (BSG) meeting. No charge.
A One Day per Month Study of specific and most-loved Discourses of the Buddha.
Next meeting on 25 June 2022
You can join any time during the year.
Two 60-minute sessions, plus 30 minute exchange Suchitra, the assistant, at end of first meeting.
With Christopher
Register with Suchitra.
Register to receive Zoom link from Suchitra.
We have explored 10 Discourse so far in the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha in the BSG. Sessions include reflection, short guided meditation, talk and Q and A with a view to making the teachings applicable for 21st century daily life.

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First Five Sonnets by William Shakespeare – the Buddha of the Heart. With a brief explanation of the meaning of these Sonnets.

At the age of 14, I played in the class at school the part of Brutus in Caesar, one of the 37 plays of William Shakespeare. It was my first introduction to the playwright making a long-lasting impression. Brutus, a politician and orator, engaged in the plot to assassinate Caesar. The following year, I quit the John Fisher Roman Catholic School in Purley, Surrey, England to get a job and taste a new kind of independence. I never missed school except for the English literature class studying the bard of Britain. Continue reading 

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