Towards Recovery from Covid 19. Starting with Diet. Plus 30 Points to Remember and Apply

I received an email yesterday from a beloved friend in India. She wrote 13 words:

“a quick note to say i am now down with Covid, love ….”

After reading her email, I engaged in online research to seek advice from health care professionals and people who have experienced Covid-19. Around 10% of people endure symptoms longer than three weeks. Many make a good recovery within days while a small percentage experience long Covid.

Health and lifestyle are a factor in recovery. Age for some is a factor, too.

I made a list of advice from hospitals, medical science and experiences of those who caught Covid-19. I am emailing this blog link to her. The link consists of a list of reminders to support recovery from the virus. I also draw upon years of first hand experience of breathing practises, diet/mindfulness/meditation and exercise.

Physical symptoms can include all or some of the following. Breathing problems, fever, chest pains, utter exhaustion, fatigue, sitting up in bed to sleep, headaches, burning throat, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, loss of smell and taste, and more.

Mental symptom can include brain fog (loss of memory and concentration). Worry, anxiety, depression, impatience, anger and more.

Around 10% of people have Covid-19 symptoms after three weeks.

We have the capacity to increase the level of strength of the immune system to aid recovery despite the vulnerability due to infection.


Eat plenty of daily vitamin D, protein  and vitamin C to help strengthen cells against respiratory infections.  A healthy diet strengthens the immune system. An unhealthy diet weakens the immune system.

You will find vitamin D from the impact of sunlight, fortified cereals , plus fibre, iron, vitamins and minerals. Drink fortified soya milk  with cereals (see sides of packet/carton).

You will find protein in wholegrains, beans, pulses, tofu, tahini, humous etc. Lentils, peas, chick peas, beans etc are a cheap, low-fat source of protein. Far healthier than meat. Far healthier than fish pulled out of our heavily polluted seas and rivers.

You will find vitamin C in green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, peppers, oranges, blackcurrants etc.

Make above diet a priority even if you do not have Covid-19.

Here are 30 points to develop on the road to recovery from Covid-19. 

In Alphabetical Order:

  1. Avoid sugar, salt and fat. Eat as much organic food, especially fresh fruit and vegetables. To support immune system.
  2. Be mindful of the state of mind. Avoid rushing, shouting, anger, intolerance and more. Such states of mind can burn up lots of valuable energy and slow down recovery.
  3. Body scan. Place attention on top of head and slowly move down through the body to soles of the feet. Take 5-10 minutes. Rest a minute. Then from soles of the feet to top of the head. Experiencing range of feeling tones/sensations. Sit tall, two feet firmly on the floor.
  4. Breathe mindfully in and out through the nose as much as possible.
  5. Chew food until it is a liquid before swallowing.
  6. Develop peace of mind through spiritual/religious beliefs/practices/sacred books/meditations and secular efforts to overcome Covid-19.
  7. Do not drink any alcohol, nor smoke. Avoid junk food/fast food/processed food.
  8. Do not hold the breath going upstairs. Take an inbreath and outbreath on each stair.
  9. Do not overdo any exercise so you conserve energy.
  10. Do not strain your voice in trying to talk. If important, write down your request or information on a piece of paper.
  11. Drink six large glasses or more a day of water or fruit juice.
  12. Engage in breathing exercises. Bring fresh air slowly and deeply into the lungs as far as possible.
  13. Ensure maximum ventilation especially in small rooms like bathroom and toilet.
  14. If you cannot sleep in the horizontal posture, sleep upright with pillows behind you.
  15. Join online support groups, survivors groups.
  16. Keep handy items you use daily – in the kitchen, bedroom, living room etc.
  17. Lots of ventilation – open windows, time in the garden if available.
  18. Make a concise list of important tasks for the day.
  19. Make every activity, movement a practice of mindfulness rather than out of stress.
  20. Mindfulness of breathing. Sit tall. With hips moved forward to expand diaphragm.
  21. Place a pillow on your chair and pillows on your table and rest your head on top of the pillows.
  22. Remember Covid-19 droplets can hang in the air for two or three hours. Ventilation matters.
  23. Remember double face mask indoors and social distance if others are at home.
  24. Rest/sleep on your side. Have a firm pillow behind your back so you do not turn over onto your back. Use an extra pillow to rest your arm upon.
  25. Support a quiet, mindful day giving much care and attention to the details of the day to stay quietly connected with your immediate environment. This will contribute to the conservation of energy.
  26. Stretch the body -including in bed. Punch the air, bend the legs, bend the back, slowly, mindfully.
  27. Use an electric fan to get more air into the lungs.
  28. Use natural medicine. such as Ayurveda, homeopathy, herbs as part of the recovery process.
  29. Use your hands to give your body a massage in as many places as possible.
  30. Wash hands regularly.

Remember to check the level of oxygen in the blood through an oximeter. If below 92% seek urgent medical help, if possible. I know numerous hospitals and doctors in cities and rural areas  in various parts of the world are overwhelmed with Covid patients. The oximeter is a cheap, life-saving instrument to monitor for COVID complications. I understand they are available on Amazon India

Remember your loved ones, past and present.

Draw strength from their connection with you.

Reflect on precious times in your life.

Reflect on any changes you wish to make.

Remember to take one day at a time.

May all beings recovery quickly from Covid-19

May all beings be mindful of how easy transmission of the virus occurs

May all beings give wise support to each other.

 I wish my friend, all others in India and worldwide a vary speedy recovery. Our heart reaches out in these difficult times.

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