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What is Art? Art is a Meditation on Life and much more…

What is Art?

(Art expresses itself through music,  words, spoken, sung and written, the paint, the stone, the wood, other materials, the cloth,  dance, other movements of the body, aesthetic sensitivities, magic, instruments, the singular and the collective of people, as a manifestation of the creative). Continue reading 

Carrie Tree – a singer/songwriter shares her personal, spiritual and environmental concerns. A new album is flowering. Do support.

I received a lovely birthday present a couple of years ago from Dora in Brighton, England. She gave me a copy of a music CD, Home to the Invisible, of Carrie Tree from Sussex in southern England. Continue reading 

Do Buddhists need a central book like the The Bible, The Koran or The Torah? Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha is a worthy book.

The Middle Length Discourses (MLD) of the Buddha can serve as the primary resource book for Buddhists, meditators, mindfulness practitioners, yogis, social activists, academics, students and spiritual seekers, who share an interest in the teachings of the Buddha. Continue reading 

The Gods of Music have been struck down with mortality

The Gods of Music have nourished us decade after decade. They created their music and sung and played with such passion and love; some of their songs went deep into our being.

We listened with effortless ease. Their sounds and their words also triggered our energy until we moved. Perhaps a little of the body at first but then, at times, the whole body swayed to the music and finally to Dance. We rocked. They rocked. The Gods were loved on stage, enjoyed on Youtube, radio, MP3 players., TV, home and car sound systems. Continue reading