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Dear Ones, Be Aware of What you Read. Be Aware of What you Write. Don’t become a Clone.

We easily hear and read and without any reflection jump to conclusions. As humans, our tendency to grasp onto myriads views and opinions converts into a personal claim to ‘truth.’ Continue reading 

Two Ears blocked with Wax. Then a likely pierced eardrum. Appreciate the healing process. Perhaps hidden from perception

A year ago (December 2021) both ears were blocked with wax. Seriously blocked. I estimated the ears had enough wax to block either end of the Suez Canal. The left ear permitted around 20% hearing and nothing from the right ear. Continue reading 

Our beloved Prajna Vihar School, Bodh Gaya, India. A photo collection from 2018 – 2022

In 1985, the Abbot of the Royal Thai Monastery in Bodh Gaya kindly gave me permission to offer a meditation class for the poorest children in Bodh Gaya, Bihar India – the poorest state in India. Many of the children were beggars appealing to pilgrims worldwide for some rupees to feed themselves and their families. Continue reading 

Are we becoming forgetful? 10 Points for Inner Change

If there is a lot on our mind, we easily become forgetful. Family, future, health, work, money and more can occupy a lot of mental space. Continue reading 

36 Themes plus of Blogs in the past 16 years. Such themes to continue…

A reader might assume the blogs reveal a wide range of interests of the blogger. Yes. To a degree. Most of the blogs carry a sincere purpose behind the content of the blog – to address suffering and its resolution. Continue reading 

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