Flowers and Trees Bloom into their Fullness. Do we experience that? Do we feel undernourished? Here are four important areas for daily nourishment. Wednesday 5 May 20021. 19:00 PM Israel time. 18.00 CET. 17:00 UK time)

What Nourishes Us? Do we feel nourished or undernourished?

We may feel generally OK going about the duties of our daily life without highs and lows. We sense am unnrealised potential.

Flowers and trees bloom into their fullness. Do we experience that?

MindfulSpace in Israel has kindly invited me to speak on the issue of nourishment.

19.00 Israel time. 18.00 CET. 17.00 UK time. Wednesday 5 May 2021

06.05.2021.  You will find a link to a 60 minute audio of this talk at the end of this blog. Talk includes a 20 guided meditation on the theme, 20 minute talk and 20 minute Q and A.

Personal, family, social and global issues can weigh us down. We feel low and empty inside.
For example, a person loses a loved one, a relationship, a job leaving a person disheartened. Global issues and the pandemic can seem overwhelming.
It is not easy to find renewal even though we could be on the slippery road to depression and medication.

Here are four important areas four nourishment. All four matter equally. The human spirit has a tremendous capacity for renewal. Are you giving attention to all four, three, two, one or none?

Explore all four for 40 days and 40 night and experience the difference it makes.
The evening programme consists of a 60 minute meeting. 20 minute guided meditation. 20 minute talk. 20 minute Questions and Answers.  meeting. All are welcome. On donation.

Do sign in  below to the online Zoom.


1. Everybody, without exception, requires nourishment. Organic, healthy food and drink nourishes all of our being. If we keep going to the refrigerator or become addicted to junk food, this creates health, weight problems and self-blame. We eat mindfully leaving space in the stomach for the food to convert to energy.

2. Happiness through all the senses – what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. This happiness does not require ownership of the object. Happiness comes to our eyes and ears through what we read or hear including about ourselves. We feel nourished through such contact.

3. Intention/Aspiration/Acts of Kindness/Creativity. We find enjoyment in healthy initiatives. Our intentions can benefit people, animals and the environment as well as ourselves.

4. Nourishment develops through mindfulness, meditation, silence, stillness, spaciousness and an expansive vision.

A sustained exploration of all four contributes to deep happiness and fulfilment.

20210505. Four Kinds of Nourishment. Zoom.60 mins.

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