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Should Buddhists send loving kindness to Donald Trump?

Practising Buddhists regard themselves as non-violent, tolerant, mindful and meditative. Their spiritual teachers will probably encourage them to direct their loving kindness to everybody. Continue reading 

Aung San Suu Kyi, Politics and Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

Newspaper columns, television and radio news in the West have given much space and time to the long-standing silence or virtual silence of Myanmar’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi on Myanmar’s humanitarian crisis as an estimate 400,000 Muslims flee her country into poverty stricken Bangladesh. Continue reading 

Democracy needs Proportional Representation. We are still waiting in Britain

If Britain had a democracy in proportion to the votes, the election on 8the June 2017 would have produced a dramatically different result.

A comprehensive democracy is not coming to the UK. Essentially, we have a  two party state instead.

Continue reading 

Our governments have let us all down.  The savage attack outside the Houses of Parliament confirm it. How many confirmations do we need?

The US and NATO’s reaction to 9/11 shows the actions of the  suicide bombers on Twin Towers landed in the reactive mind of former President George Bush, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and other leaders and governments. Continue reading