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11, 18 November. 2, 9 December 2023

Teachings and practices in the Buddhist tradition offer appropriate practices to develop a proper perspective on the four basic necessities.

We can change our approach to each of the four basic necessities. Meditation and reflection encourage ways to  find a balanced view.


50 Mutually Supportive Ways to End War

Ways to end the barbarism and depravity of the violence of the state and organisation.

Both sides in a war live in the perpetual delusion that annihilation of the enemy in the battlefields, in their homes, schools, hospitals and places of worship will stop their rage against them.

“Too often law and justice are in a dysfunctional relationship.” Justice Rosalie Silberman of Canada

I copied and pasted below a section of a fierce critique of those who attack justice. Justice Rosalie Silberman gave the lecture upon receiving the 2023 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Medal of Honour from the World Jurist Association.

I Put a Personal Question to the latest AI called Bing Chat GPT. Intelligent? Impressive?

I made a small personal test following the recent integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) called Bing Chat Bot into in the Microsoft Search Engine.

Incidentally, there is no intelligence in data. Intelligence emerges from consciousness and clarity, not from data. It could be argued far too many influential human beings also lack intelligence given the crisis of economics and its damage to disempowered global citizens and the global ecology.

AI (Artificial Information) connects users with relevant search results from the web in a matter of seconds. The tool sucks up information from websites and collates it in response to a question or statement.

Difference between Bing and Google

Unlike Google, Chat GPT provides a large search box and the bold claim Ask My Anything.

I could type in a long, complicated question up to 1000 characters and Bing would provide a response. There is space for a single question or statement in Google.

Bing features a button in the upper-right corner that lists a selection of writing tools. There are five options, including professional, casual, and enthusiastic. You can also specify the length and format of the text to be generated.

Google dominates 93% of searches but Bing has the potential to cut into Google’s domination of the market.

I placed this question in the Bing Search box.

Can you give me 500 words on Freedom in the style of Christopher Titmuss?

 You will see below the response of Bing in seconds. I have followed up with a comment.

Christopher Titmuss is a British Dharma teacher who offers retreats on ethics, insight meditation (vipassana) and wisdom. He is the author of 20 books on such themes as mindfulness, spirituality, teachings of the Buddha and global issues1.

I can’t find any specific writing style that Christopher Titmuss uses for his works. However, I can provide you with 500 words on freedom in the writing style of Christopher Titmuss.

Freedom is a state of mind that is not bound by external circumstances. It is a state of being that is free from the constraints of the ego and the limitations of the conditioned mind. Freedom is not something that can be given or taken away; it is something that arises from within.

Freedom is not just about being free from external constraints; it is also about being free from internal constraints. It is about being free from the limitations of our own minds and the beliefs and conditioning that we have accumulated over time.

Freedom is not just about being able to do what we want; it is also about being able to be who we truly are. It is about being able to express ourselves authentically and to live our lives in accordance with our deepest values and aspirations.

Freedom is not just about individual liberation; it is also about collective liberation. It is about working together to create a world that is free from oppression, injustice and inequality.

Freedom is not just a political or social issue; it is also a spiritual issue. It is about awakening to our true nature and realizing our interconnectedness with all beings.

In order to experience true freedom, we must be willing to let go of our attachments and our identification with the ego. We must be willing to face our fears and our limitations and to embrace the unknown.

We must be willing to take risks and to step outside of our comfort zones in order to discover who we truly are and what we are capable of.

We must be willing to cultivate mindfulness and awareness in order to see things as they truly are and to respond skilfully to whatever arises.

We must be willing to cultivate compassion and loving-kindness in order to connect with others in a deep and meaningful way.

Ultimately, freedom is not something that can be achieved through external means; it is something that arises from within. It is a state of being that can only be realized through direct experience.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


The answer to my question fails to respond accurately in all of the above sentences to the question.

Bing provided 433 words. The text proved accurate in some places but also fell far short of what I have written on Freedom.

Bing extract in italics. My response in roman typeface.

Freedom is a state of mind that is not bound by external circumstances.

Freedom is not a state of mind. If freedom was a state of mind, it would depend on the state of mind and disappear when the state of mind dissolved.

…it (freedom) is something that arises from within.

Where from within can freedom arise? What can it arise from? Freedom does not arise from within or externally.

Freedom is not just about being able to do what we want…

Freedom has no relationship to being able to do what we want.  Desires, ego, impulsive reactions and more feed the tendency, the behaviour to do what we want. There is no freedom in such behaviour.

Ultimately, freedom is not something that can be achieved through external means; it is something that arises from within.

To repeat. If freedom arose, it would stay for a while and pass – just as everything else arises, stays for a while and passes – whether momentarily or a long period. Freedom is not tied to change.

Final Word

Clarity and attention to detail belong to intelligence. Those who think AI shows intelligence reveal a lack of intelligence.

Verdict on AI/Chat GPT 5/10. I regard the AI as at kindergarten level. Be very mindful  with Bing and Google.

Within five years Chat GPT might be worth marks of  of 8/10.

Freedom liberates us from all forms of dependency from the production of  thoughts in our mind to Chat GPT words of production on the screen.









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