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Twenty Tips for Beginners to Bring the Best out of You

Attention to details matter.

1.       The Mouth. What do you put in your mouth? Focus on what you can eat and drink more of to develop a healthy body-mind. What can you reduce or stop,  which you put on your fork, spoon, in a cup, glass or hand to put into your mouth?

A Saga of High Blood Pressure from October 2022 to June 2023. A spike of 212/93 last December

Dear Readers, You may not wish to read the personal stuff. So scroll down to headings to skip the personal.
You may need reflection for yourself or know a person with high blood pressure. You could copy and paste the non-personal mostly in the five sections in italics. …

In Remembrance of Rob (Robbie) Brown of Totnes, a quiet and quirky independent soul of Totnes.

Friends of Rob Brown gathered together on Sunday 7 May 2020 on Vire Island, Totnes, in remembrance of Rob (5 October 1950 – 13 January 2023), who died in Torbay Hospital. People shared reflections and memories of their contact with him. His daughter, Irina and her partner, Jacob, came from Austria to attend. …

Two Ears blocked with Wax. Then a likely pierced eardrum. Appreciate the healing process. Perhaps hidden from perception

A year ago (December 2021) both ears were blocked with wax. Seriously blocked. I estimated the ears had enough wax to block either end of the Suez Canal. The left ear permitted around 20% hearing and nothing from the right ear. …

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