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Daily Life

What am I doing with my life? A 40-minute Talk and Intimacy Circle given at Alternatives, St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London, UK on 2 October 2017.

Text for the Talk

The definition of a successful life often revolves around a career, a significant income, property ownership, and a family. Are we bold enough to ask ourselves a fundamental question? What I am doing with my life? If we do not ask the question from the depths of our being, we will escape into fantasy to escape our unfulfilled life. We have the potential to live a fulfilled life. What will enable us to act? Christopher Titmuss will address these issues. Continue reading 

When you feel depressed….12 Practices to overcome depression

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A person falls down a well into the water. It is cold and dark down there. The person has enough motivation to climb up the stepladder to get out of the well. One or two people at the top of the well give some support as the person slowly climbs out of the well into the daylight. Continue reading 

The Difference between Guilt and Regret/Remorse


I heard from a friend about a man involved in serious car accident. His girl friend, who sat beside him, died in the accident. The driver knew his share of responsibility for what happened. He said he experienced terrible guilt. Continue reading 

THE END IN SIGHT: 4. Pain, Self-Exit, Assisted Death, Suicide, Euthanasia, Death and Rebirth. Part Four of Four. Rebirth, What continues after death, Views of Future Lives, the Deathless


The Place of Rebirth in After Death Views

What Continues after Death?

The View of Future Lives


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