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Daily Life

An Engaged Life. A new website under construction. Crisis. What Crisis? Part 2 of 2

From the Home Page of under construction.

Ready for viewing in May 2019.


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To Be English means not to be English. What a relief. 32 Favourite Choices of the English.

We, the English,

clearly prefer a non-English way of life.

  1. Our favourite  hot drink –  a cuppa tea (from Sri Lanka/India)
  2. Our second favourite hot drink –  a coffee (Africa, Arab nations, South America, Italy) Continue reading 

The Decline and Renewal of Spiritual India for Westerners

In early February, 20I8, I completed my 45th year of teaching the annual retreats in India. I feel blessed to have had such an opportunity. The Buddha taught the Dharma in India for 45 years from the age of 35 years to 80 years. Continue reading 

12 Reasons why I am not a secular Buddhist

Like other religions, Buddhism has numerous sects, big and small.  The sect of Secular Buddhism, mostly found in the West, places much emphasis on Dharma practice revolving around the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, ethics, mindfulness, meditation, loving kindness and insight. Continue reading