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Boris Johnson, Political Death. Rebirth. The Buddha

The ancient Chinese proverb that the rotting fish starts from the head rings true
in the UK with the scale of political confusion, disarray and conflict sweeping through Westminster and the rest of the country. Continue reading 


While teaching my current retreat here in Seminarhaus Engl, Bavaria, I had a 1-1 with a woman in her 20s who faces daily a challenging health issue with remarkable fortitude. We spoke about the importance of a vegan diet for the welfare of animals and for health. I appreciated her dedication to a plant-based diet. She inspired this blog I wrote soon after.

Continue reading 

Towards an Inter-Active Facebook Friends Page

I am making a small change in the communications with my Facebook Friends page with around 3000 Friends.

For several years, I placed a link from this blog in the Facebook box WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? I added a photograph and a few words about the link with rare responses to your COMMENTS. I felt I have had my say on the blog and others can exchange with each other.

Friends have encouraged me to engage more with the Facebook Friends.

I agreed. I will respond to some of your Comments so the Comment column might become more inter-active.

I will place an extract from the blog in the WHAT’S ON YOU MIND box and then add the link to the blog in COMMENTS.

I will check this page two or three times a week to look at any Comments you may have put up and respond to them.

Regularly, you have made some valid points about a blog. Some of these points I have adapted into the blog text as your points have shown some fresh light on the theme.

Earlier this month, I started a Facebook Group called Christopher Titmuss Teachings. We are beginning contacts with around 240 who have joined so far. Some of themes addressed will support daily life.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

The Dissolution of Political Truth. The Corruption of Democracy

We find ourselves unable to recognise the truth of a situation and respond wisely to it. Some settle for multiple perspectives or cannot make up their rather than inquire  into a major issue and engage with others for change. We hear with alarming frequency different views. People say there are: Continue reading 

Paul McCartney. Glastonbury. 36 Songs. With many lyrics shedding light on our life. Cool. Really cool.

I love Beatles music. As with others of a certain age, some of us fall under the category of a product of the 60s – dedicated to the mantra love, peace and harmony. I recall some hippies preferred the other hippy mantra of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll while some fused both mantras. Continue reading 

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