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We live in a world of actions and consequences

The Buddha on Action and Consequences

We live in a world of actions and the consequences/results, fruits/outcome.

The Buddha referred to ‘fruitless striving and fruitless effort’ through the desire to hold onto the same failed approach. Continue reading 

Our governments have let us all down.  The savage attack outside the Houses of Parliament confirm it. How many confirmations do we need?

The US and NATO’s reaction to 9/11 shows the actions of the  suicide bombers on Twin Towers landed in the reactive mind of former President George Bush, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and other leaders and governments. Continue reading 

Spiritual Quotes. Spiritual Enlightenment. 21 websites

We are much more than what we think we are. Never forget.

The websites provide spiritual quotes, spiritual enquiry and statements on spiritual enlightenment from voices of wisdom, past and present. Continue reading 

A Swedish Woman told me: “There are Four Kinds of Men in the World.”

I always regarded Nina from Stockholm, Sweden, as a woman with regal stature. She walked tall with noble Viking blood running through her veins. I regarded it as a privilege to be in a relationship with her. We organised our lives to spend on average 10 days a month together during the late 1990s and early part of the new millennium. Continue reading 

Twenty Questions Pointing to a Liberated Way of Life

You would not waste your time if you spent hours, days, months or years directing your mind regularly to a liberation and wisdom that eliminates all suffering from perceptions. Continue reading