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Carrie Tree – a singer/songwriter shares her personal, spiritual and environmental concerns. A new album is flowering. Do support.

I received a lovely birthday present a couple of years ago from Dora in Brighton, England. She gave me a copy of a music CD, Home to the Invisible, of Carrie Tree from Sussex in southern England. Continue reading 

An Appeal for Return of Funds made available to a Spiritual Teacher

Dear Sangha,

We are writing to you for your support to help in the return of substantial sums of money invested by two European women with Ajay Singh of Lucknow, an Indian spiritual teacher. Continue reading 

Totnes. Past and Present. Points in Wikipedia. 35 years of residence. Explorations in recent decades.

A new Totnes resident told me this week to take a look at the Wikipedia page on Totnes (Devon, England). I learnt quite a lot more about the history of Totnes,where I live and love. Continue reading 

The Buddha and God. The Buddha showed the Way to God. Part 2 of 2

The Buddha and God.

The Buddha showed the Way to God.

Part 2 of 2


Godly conduct

Believers in God

Resolution of Suffering

Final Word for Mindfulness Practitioners/Meditators Continue reading