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How to Handle an Angry Person

It is important to remember that the anger in the mind of an individual dominates their perceptions. Anger engages in the production of fake news, lies, projections and distortions. Anger gives a sense to the person of being alive and having a cause to promote. There is also a deep-rooted need for attention. Continue reading 

The Art of Teaching Mindfulness. 12 Points for Mindfulness Teachers

I know many Mindfulness teachers. I have the privilege of training citizens to be Mindfulness Teachers.  As teachers, let us be committed to walk the talk as much as possible. A wise teaching requires a wise teacher. Develop into a wise teacher. Continue reading 

What does ‘Spirituality’ mean to you? A Response

I have a Facebook Group titled Christopher Titmuss Teachings with around 780 members so far. I invite members to respond to my weekly question. I wish to give a voice to others to share in the space of a line or few lines their reflections on core questions in daily life. Continue reading 

Do I have the right to be angry? No. But….

No word has an independent, self-existent meaning. The meaning of every word depends upon the general agreement of those who use it.

Take the word Anger for example. See its meaning in the Buddha’s teaching, which has a similar meaning in widespread public use.

Continue reading 

YOM KIPPUR. ZOOM. Two Days of Practices/Sharing with Christopher. A DAY OF REPENTANCE – Tuesday 4 October 2022. DAY OF ATONEMENT- Wednesday 5 October 2022. Three sessions per day. Organised in Israel.

Join our two days of Yom Kippur (Day of Repentance. Day of Atonement) to heal the past and expand the heart-mind for present and future.

We invite you to explore themes of repentance/regrets/errors of judgement/unresolved issues of the past and the unhelpful burden of guilt weighing upon heart and mind.

Sessions will look at fresh ways to look at experiences, impactful or subtle, with recognition of acts done or not done.

We will explore themes of atonement, of acts to make amends for what we said, wrote or did or failed to do. Day of Atonement will include ways to implement change through mindfulness, motivation, sharing, loving kindness and fresh perceptions.

You can share your experiences and concerns with others during the Zoom meeting if you wish,

We request confidentiality so no names are mentioned outside of our Zoom Meeting.



Do you experience remorse? Do you have any regrets? Is there anything you feel sorry about? In thought, word or action or neglected to respond? Are you willing to take an honest look at the issue(s)? Awareness of the unresolved constitutes the first step towards change.


Are you willing to find ways to make amends? What initiative will help you bring the issue(s) to closure? What steps do you need to take to make amends for any suffering, harm or neglect of ethics upon another(s), animals or the natural world? Is there any action required to show atonement for failings of the past, recent or decades ago.

The Jewish tradition wisely recognises the deep transformative significance of insights into repentance/atonement to dissolve the suffering of a situation. Yom Kippur reminds the Jewish community of the importance of such awareness with two days of the year dedicated to such reflections. This is the most important holy-day in their religious calendar.

All are welcome to join the two days – people of faith and people of secular views or both.

You will have the opportunity to offer a voice and listen to the voices of others.


Two Days of Teachings/Practices with Christopher

DAY OF REPENTANCE – Tuesday 4 October,2022

DAY OF ATONEMENT- Wednesday 5 October 2022


8 am – 9 am. CET. Guided Meditation/Reflection, Talk. Sharing

12.00 – 13.00 CET Guided Meditation/Reflection, Talk. Sharing

17.00 – 18.00 CET Guided Meditation/Reflection, Talk. Sharing

Three 60-minute sessions, via Zoom.

Attend as much as you can

Participants are welcome to attend as many sessions as possible.

Teachings will include meditation/sharing/communication practices during the day.

Christopher Titmuss taught annual residential retreats in Israel between 1992 – 2019. He made annual visits to Palestine to give one-or-two-day workshops.

Christopher has accepted a kind invitation from Tovana to teach at the Tovana Centre in Ein dor, 90 minutes north from Tel Aviv in 2023.

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