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The authoritarian personality makes life very difficult for people, especially those he or she has power and influence over.

Authoritarians share a similar psychological posture, which is difficult to address.

The unexamined inner lives of an authoritarian parent/teacher/boss/political master and others oppress sons/daughters/students/employees and citizens. Continue reading 

An Appeal for Return of Funds made available to a Spiritual Teacher

Dear Sangha,

We are writing to you for your support to help in the return of substantial sums of money invested by two European women with Ajay Singh of Lucknow, an Indian spiritual teacher. Continue reading 

Spiritual Quotes. Spiritual Enlightenment. 21 websites

We are much more than what we think we are. Never forget.

The websites provide spiritual quotes, spiritual enquiry and statements on spiritual enlightenment from voices of wisdom, past and present. Continue reading 

A Swedish Woman told me: “There are Four Kinds of Men in the World.”

I always regarded Nina from Stockholm, Sweden, as a woman with regal stature. She walked tall with noble Viking blood running through her veins. I regarded it as a privilege to be in a relationship with her. We organised our lives to spend on average 10 days a month together during the late 1990s and early part of the new millennium. Continue reading 

India. e-Visa. Advice for Backpackers and Tourists booking their e-Visa online

The Government of India provides an online e-visa service to more than 150 countries.

It is a fast and efficient service. The e-visa allows a stay of 30 days in India, not a minute longer. There is no extension on the e-visa. Continue reading