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The Buddha, Spiritual

Dear Buddhist Commentators and Critics, First, please read mindfully the Buddha’s 10,000 discourses

Years ago, I recall writing an article comparing the Buddha’s teachings on becoming (bhava) and Darwin’s teachings on evolution.

I wrote a paragraph or two comparing Darwin’s ‘random selection of species’ and the Buddha’s teachings on dependent arising. Continue reading 

10-day Goenka Courses in Vipassana. Time to Make Changes. 12 Firm Proposals.

The 10-day Goenka courses have become well known in the Buddhist world since Goenka (30 January, 1924 – 29 September, 2013), a wealthy Mumbai businessman, launched his Vipassana courses in 1969 to a group of Western seekers travelling in India. Continue reading 

Nagarjuna’s Masterpiece of Enquiry: Fundamentals of the Middle Way. Chapter One

Chapter One

Examination of Conditions.

Plus brief Commentary on the 14 verses in Chapter One.

Dear Readers

There is no assurance you will understand these verses of Nagarjuna nor my commentary. Continue reading