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Boards of Directors in Buddhist Centres, Organisations and Publishers. Conservative? Liberal? Progressive? Democratic?

The Boards of Directors run a variety of Buddhist retreat centres, organisations and publishers in the West. They may not believe in a soul but they may have some soul-searching to do. Continue reading 

Ashtavakra Gita. One of the great spiritual texts of ancient India. Liberation is the priority…

Ashtavakra Gita (the Song of Ashtavkra) constitutes one of the most profound texts of ancient India. Continue reading 

We live in a world of actions and consequences

The Buddha on Action and Consequences

We live in a world of actions and the consequences/results, fruits/outcome.

The Buddha referred to ‘fruitless striving and fruitless effort’ through the desire to hold onto the same failed approach. Continue reading 

Twenty Questions Pointing to a Liberated Way of Life

You would not waste your time if you spent hours, days, months or years directing your mind regularly to a liberation and wisdom that eliminates all suffering from perceptions. Continue reading