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We live in a world of actions and consequences

The Buddha on Action and Consequences

We live in a world of actions and the consequences/results, fruits/outcome.

The Buddha referred to ‘fruitless striving and fruitless effort’ through the desire to hold onto the same failed approach. Continue reading 

Twenty Questions Pointing to a Liberated Way of Life

You would not waste your time if you spent hours, days, months or years directing your mind regularly to a liberation and wisdom that eliminates all suffering from perceptions. Continue reading 

What the Buddha did not Teach

Teachers/Scholars/Translators will often attribute numerous views to the Buddha far removed from his teachings.

For example, here are 21 example of what the Buddha did not teach: Continue reading 

Silence. Eight kinds of silence. 12 kinds of Noble Silence

There is silence and there is Noble Silence.

We might imagine silence consists of a single element, which remains much the same. Like everything else, silence reveals itself according to the inner-circumstances. We can experience silence in a variety of ways. Continue reading