Those who are vaccinated and those who decline a vaccination need to unite

 I support vaccinations but there seems to be a growing intolerance of those of us who decline the jab and a similar intolerance to those who opt for the jab.

The vaccinated majority and the unvaccinated minority need to join together to tackle the sickness in the way of life that led to the growing spread of pandemics of which Covid-19 and its variant/mutations are the latest and most virulent expression so far.

It is foolish to pressurise everybody, young and old alike, to get vaccinated. It is simply not possible due to various reasons. Nor is it necessary to vaccinate everybody.

We need to co-operate. Extremism exists in sections of the majority and in the minority. Clinging to views generates hostility to those with different views.

Those of us who believe in the importance of vaccinations should support people worldwide crying out for the jab. There is no need to waste time and energy trying to get a minority to change their mind. The unvaccinated can support people at home and abroad in desperate need. There are many ways to do that.

There is no scientific, medical, political or media campaign to address the importance of health, strengthening the immune system, and lifestyle changes. We need to address diet, food and factory farming. We need to use the land to grow food, healthy and nutritious, to feed everybody. That requires radical change.

Can we cooperate on that? We only find references to diet through search engines but little elsewhere despite knowing that weak immune systems costs millions of people their lives.

Most of what we hear day after day revolves around Covid-19, vaccinations and current figures in our own country . We hear  harrowing reports in places like India and Brazil.

One per cent of Africa has had a vaccination and 11% of India has had a single shot. Self-interest and the power of money rules among the rich nations while the poor nations can only beg.

Moral corruption exists on a global scale. It is medical apartheid.

Here are some WHO figures up to April 2021. See UN NEWS.

Richest countries have bought 87% of more than 700 million vaccines available worldwide.
Poor countries have received 0.2%
In rich countries, one in four have received the vaccination.
In poor countries, it is one in 500.

Report in New York Times. 04.05.2021
Pfizer, a major producer of vaccines, has received $3.5 billion in revenue from sales of vaccines in the first three months of the year.
Pfizer plans to continue making a profit of more than 20% on each jab.
Pfizer refuses to say how many of its vaccines go to poor countries.
WHO says that Pfizer provides minimal help to poor countries.
Pfizer wants to start vaccinating children in September from aged 2 to 11.

Surely we can unite to protest at the selfishness of the rich nations. The richest nations have institutionalised medical apartheid on a global scale.

Western countries keep massive stores of the vaccine to inject the healthy young later in the year in wealthy nations. Meanwhile horrendous suffering happens among the poor right now in deprived countries.

We can address that.

Vaccination companies refuse to share knowledge, expertise and resources. Competition and profit takes priority in the name of compassion. Beloved medical scientists, doctors and nurses have no say in the running of big pharma.

We can protest about that.

People have the right to say NO to a vaccination and people have the right to say YES and the right to say I DON’T KNOW. 

We should not forget the untold suffering of people with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and others enduring pain day after day while waiting for treatment, month after month. It is hard to imagine the depths of anxiety of families and friends seeing their loved one suffer, and perhaps die, as well as the individuals concerned.

Why should they go to the back of the queue for hospital treatment? We can address that.

Physical health and mental health take priority over clinging to views. A contracted mindset puts the nation state first before an international outlook.

We are all on this Earth together. This is one big family.

We can unite on that.

Photo shows a piece of land used to cremate daily hundreds of people from the local area in India who have died from Covid-19. The same event repeats itself in thousands of locations in the world’s second largest country.


4 thoughts on “Those who are vaccinated and those who decline a vaccination need to unite”

  1. Yes, a good article Christopher. The fact that Pfizer is planning to vaccinate children as young as two should be ringing alarm bells for us all. Just what is going on here?


    Well said . We live in an age of extreme Capitalism. Throw in a nasty virus and the result . Ugh. Compassion and the wish to ensure everyone’s release from Samsara keeps us plugging along . Good article

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