Spreading the Word of Mindfulness for Teachers and Organisers

Mindfulness teachers and course organisers sometimes hesitate to promote and advertise mindfulness as they feel concerned about self, the ego getting involved.

This concern easily happens due to a mistaken priority. The teacher wishes to make known to people that he or she has a service to offer. Promotion means the notification to others of the available of mindfulness and its  benefits. The information on a board, shop window or social media will usually include the name and short bio of the teacher. The subject matter takes priority not the one who delivers to others the subject matter.

We arrive in the last week of the current 12 month Mindfulness Teacher Training Course. The trainees raise questions as they develop the skills to step into the role.

Outreach of teachers/organisers constituted a major thread of the teaching in the last five days. The MTTC participants received a 25 page PDF outlining in detail features, aspects and forms for offering mindfulness talks, classes and workshops for those interested to explore the mindfulness and its benefits for oneself and others. My PDF included making use of social media, contact with friends/family, eNews, flyers etc.

Here are the audio recordings  of some of the guided meditations, talks, questions and answers in these final days.

20210427. Mindfulness Training. Evolution. Application. Depth. 22 mins

20210428. Guided Meditation on Starting Up..25 mins. Talk on Initiatives. 35 mins. Question and Answer. 40 mins

20210430 Guided Meditation on Renewal. Practices. 45 mins

20210501 Making Mindfulness Accessible to Others. Guided. Talk and Questions. Answers. 1hr. 30 mins

20210501. Mindfulness. Advertising. Promotion. Social Media 40 mins

I gave an international zoom retreat from 22-27 April, 2021. Many participants had much experience in listening to teachings and applying of practices.

Here is the blog link to the talks, guided meditation etc given during this retreat. One talk addressed one of the challenging dualities for meditators – the benefits of a residential retreat and the realities of daily life.

Zoom Retreat. 9 am 23 April – 27 April 2021. Audio Recordings of DharmaTalks, Guided Meditations etc. Retreat theme: Mindfulness – Meditation – Freedom of Being.

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  1. Hi Christopher I have listened to some of the recordings and agree with the notion of taking a non-prescriptive approach towards teaching mindfulness and a more active one modulating the teaching in relation to what arises and participants needs. Will, there be another opportunity to join such a course, please?

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