Contact list on your mobile phone.

Do you have friends on your

Contact List on your mobile phone?

Do our texts show real friendship? Here are 12 concerns:

  1. We fire off a text probably taking a few seconds from start to finish.
  2. We rapidly glance up and down at any incoming texts in a superficial way.
  3. We send ‘congratulations’ or ‘condolences’ with no time to offer much else.
  4. We send a text and interrupt the receiver who is engaged in a real friendship in real time.
  5. We send a text while ignoring the person who is sitting in front of us.
  6. We send a text but we do not know how the receiver feels about getting our text.
  7. Our friends send us a text. She or he does not know if we want a text.
  8. We might have lost a friend because of  text we sent and we might not know it.
  9. We might send out many texts daily only because we are addicted to sending texts.
  10. We might get anxious because we are so dependent on a reply to our texts.
  11. We might get anxious because our mobile phone battery is flat.
  12. We might get anxious if we leave our mobile phone at home or work.

We might be afraid to admit some or all of the above to ourselves.

Are all these texts going to and from others a way of avoiding real friendship?

Are our addictions and anxieties nothing to do with contact with our friends?

Our contacts can’t get close to us and we can’t get close to them.

We can’t get close to ourselves either.

Our texts do not encourage our contacts to get close to themselves either.

Oh dear. Not much sign of friendship there.

We are cut off from ourselves.

We cut others off from contact with themselves.

We are cut off from each other.

Oh dear, oh dear. I think I will put the kettle on and have a cup of tea.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

A reply as a Facebook message might be better than a text!

Well, maybe….




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