Do you have any Facebook Friends?

Do you have any Facebook Friends?

Please don’t say ‘Yes’ too quickly.

In a previous blog this week, I wrote 12 Pointers to real friends and 12 pointers for false friends.

In another previous blog this week, I wrote 12 Pointers asking if we have friends in our contact list on our mobile phones.

In this blo, I have reflected on our Facebook Friends.

I, currently, have 1659 Facebook Friends. I post about three or four messages a week for Facebook Friends.

I wish to offer my sincere apologies for the messages I posted for

  • Interrupting your precious conversations with those near and close to you
  • Breaking into your important reflections at home, work or elsewhere.
  • Posting messages which you agree with anyway.
  • Sending out messages which upset you.

I do apologise for:

  • Indirectly encouraging you to spend time to tick a ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ or ‘Comment’ on my message.
  • Interrupting some precious moments of your Facebook Friends if you ‘Share’ with them.
  • Indirectly encouraging your Facebook friends to also share the post.
  • Perhaps wasting their time on Facebook when they prefer to be doing something else.
  • Perhaps they share as well, and then waste their friends time, too.

And so it goes on.

As you can see, I have my Facebook Friends to apologise to and a lot of your Friends to apologise to, as well. And their Friends. That’s a lot – a lot more than I counted for. Let them know of my apologies. Or maybe not. They may not want to be bothered with even more posts.

Do you have any advice?

What do you think would be the best thing to do?

I could delete your name. You might feel hurt and that I have rejected you.

I could keep your name but then my posts keep interrupting your life.

I could stop posting to all my Facebook Friends. But then you might feel I am turning my back on you.

What would you do?

After this post to all my Facebook Friends, you might want to stop sending messages to me.

You might then worry that I would feel hurt if I do not hear from you anymore.

You might delete my name and then I might feel unwanted.

You might keeping sending me your posts. But then you might feel concerned that you are interrupting my life.

It is not easy having Facebook Friends (FF).

We would not know how our Facebook Friends are feeling at the time we send out a message.

We might post a message at the right time but some of our friends read it at the wrong time.

Oh dear. What can we do?

I am not even sure if I have any Facebook ‘Friends.’ A friend is someone we get to know well and close to over a real period of time.

  1. A FF probably has ‘Friends’ who he or she has never met, knows nothing about, and never will.
  2. A FF doesn’t not know if their Friends are all alive or dead, happy or depressed.
  3. A FF can send out a message that they regret for a long time.
  4. A FF might ignore most posts that she or he receives or even all of them.
  5. A FF checks their Home page numerous times daily out of boredom
  6. A FF misses the vibrancy of life going on all around them and the opportunity for intimate friendship.

Facebook Friend. True or False?

Facebook Friends? That does not seem true, nor false either.

What to call Facebook Friends? Abstracts? That seems a bit rude.

It is not easy having a Facebook Friend.

You might not even know how often your Friends look at their Page.

You might not even know if your Friends have completely forgotten about their Facebook page.

You might not know how many of your Friends have deleted their page.


Oh, by the way. Do pass this message of apology on to your eh eh eh Facebook Friends.

But they might send the post onto their Facebook Friends and so on.

Oh dear, then I will have to write another apology.

I love all my Facebook Friends – whoever you are.

I love all your Facebook Friends, too.

I love their Facebook Friends.

And their Facebook Friends….

And their Facebook

And their…

And …



That’s enough. I am off soon to the Curator Coffee shop in Totnes (Devon, England) for a coffee with a friend.

“Two café lattes please and one slice of cake for us to share.”





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