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Retreat Environments

Three Burmese Meditation Monasteries. Reviews from a Practitioner

Tanja from Germany spent months practising meditation in Myanmar (Burma).

I asked her to send me a summary of the three places. Continue reading 

A Tribute to Tony Kruger of Sangsurya Retreat Centre, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Tony Kruger has been one of the Gods of spirituality in Australia for decades. It is sad to hear from Radha Nicholson of his passing last month in March, 2017. Along with his late wife, he became the founder and director of the Sangsurya Retreat centre, just outside Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

Continue reading 

The Heart of Peace” retreat. Bodh Gaya, India. 12-19th February 2017. A Report from Radha

The first International Insight Meditation (Vipassana) retreat in the new meditation centre at the Royal Thai Monastery, Bodh Gaya, India was held from February 12-19, 2017. Continue reading 

Does self-compassion mean turning one’s back on others? A talk on Tuesday, 28 February. near Totnes, England

Compassion in a Troubled World

Compassion is the action of love specifically intended to relieve or end suffering.

There is compassion through action and there is compassion through non-action. Continue reading 

Pilgrimage and retreat in India 26 January – 13 February 2017

 Pilgrimage and retreat in India  26 January – 13 February 2017

With Ellen van lersel 18-day journey in India, incl 7-day vipassana retreat guided by Christopher Titmuss and Zohar Lavie. Continue reading 

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