What the Buddha Taught. Buddha Study Guide. Zoom Teachings with Christopher. Saturday 29 January. Two sessions. Once a month. 2022.

The teachings/practises (Dharma) of the Buddha provide a depth and breadth of a comprehensive exploration of the human experience.

Around 10,000 discourses ranging in length from a few paragraphs/verses to several pages form a cohesive body of teachings.

If you have a genuine interest in the actual teachings of the Buddha, the Buddha Study Guide offers a wealth of support. The BSG encourages study, reflection and application into daily life. Do join. You are free to join for Saturday or any other month. It is ope to all throughout the year.

We meet for two sessions at 8 am CET and 16.00 CET.  There is no charge to register. A request for donations for myself takes place at end of the second session.

The monthly meeting includes a free 44-page PDF of the Buddha Study Guide.

You will listen to the Buddha’s words on mindfulness, meditation, reflection, problematic issues, practical steps to resolution, ethics, reality and liberation. Sessions include talks on a sutta, reflections, guided meditation and Q and A.

The Buddha Study Guide offers an open doorway into the world of the discourses. These discourses provide a treasure trove of insights, practices, and pointers for application into the daily life. No stone is left unturned.

A reader may well find it a formidable undertaking to explore the discourses (suttas) without any guidance.

Many people will rely upon on the Buddhist traditions/lineages but the traditions tend to focus on specific aspects of the teachings, such as mindfulness, meditation, impermanence, kindness or even the tradition.

Times of Sessions

The two BSG times will be 8 am CET and 16.00 (CET) to enable participants in India to join at 20.30 for the 60-minute session.

A One Day per Month Study of specific Discourses of the Buddha – a commentary on two important discourse/guided meditation/Q and A.

Suchitra will provide a comprehensive PDF guide of the BSG and will send to registrants a PDF of Ulla Koenig’s Commentary on 12 major discourses

Upcoming BSG Dates.

Saturday 29 January.

Saturday 19 February.

Saturday 19 March. 

Suitable for those with knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings and for beginners. The discourses reveal a depth suitable for daily life.

No charge to Register. Email with s.shenoy@gmail.com

Suchitra in India has kindly offered to manage registrations etc for the BSG course. Suchitra will:

  • Take the registrations by email
  • Send to registrants the PDF of the BSG guide, Ulla’s e-book and the Zoom link details
  • Send out reminders close to the date of each session
  • Post on the MTTC (our current Mindfulness Teacher Training Course) signal group

The Buddha Study Guide use as its basis the Middle Length Discourses. This is the most used and best loved of the books containing the suttas. The Zoom course provides a general overview and then we explore a sutta in every session to draw out the essential insights.

As the months go by, you will surely feel you have cracked the nut. This will enable you to read the suttas and explore themes important to you. You will find an extraordinary wide range of issues as you become familiar with the different texts.

You will see in the BSG Contents a list of themes to provide an in-depth exploration.

Folder on Google Drive for Audio talks on Introduction to Noble Eightfold Path and for Buddha Study Guide

You will see three introductory audio talks on the Noble Eightfold Path and three audio talks on the Buddha Study Guide.
The Path also contains brief reflections on each link.
BSG audio also contains reflection on three discourses of the Buddha.
Participants in 2022 are encouraged to listen to these audio talks to support the 2022 teachings.
Eightfold Path. Buddha Study Guide. 2021-2022

Attachment to BSG.

I have updated and expanded the guide, Buddha Study Guide 2022.

Please feel free to forward this email to those who might be interested and place on social media etc.

Participants can attend all sessions or specific sessions.

Sessions will be recorded placed in BSG Google folder.

Do join. A single sentence can change a life.





Books by Christopher include
The Buddha of Love
The Green Buddha
The Explicit Buddha
The Political Buddha.




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