Ways and Mindfulness Practices for these Troubled Times. Zoom. Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 January 2021

We live in challenging times. The British government and governments worldwide have ordered national lockdowns. The vast majority of citizens find ourselves confined to home most of the time.

Uncertainty has become a dominating feature of daily life.

This Zoom workshop will include teachings, practices, advice, guided meditations, questions and answers. Participants have the opportunity to take notes, if they wish.

The focus of the practices will include working with stress, handling anxiety about the future, personal/family dynamics, staying at home, the outdoors and full exploration of each day.

One in 50 people in Britain has currently contracted Covid-19. The virulent mutation of Covid-19, referred to be scientists as VUI20201201, has dramatically increase infections. First revealed in the south-east of England, this mutation has spread to numerous other countries.

BBC reported that after the announcement of the full national lockdown, the most clicked link on of their websites had the title Five Tips for Mental Health.

In this two day Zoom meeting, we will meet three times each day on Saturday 9 January and Sunday 10 January 2021

8.30 am – 9.30 am (UK time)
12.30 pm to 13.00 Questions and Answers/Sharing
7 pm – 8pm. Guided Meditation. Talk on Theme, Q and A.
Participants can join for one day or two days.

There is a registration fee tailored for financial circumstances with a request for a donation to support the teacher at the end session of the day.


Christopher Titmuss, is Britain’s senior Dharma/mindfulness teacher,  Poet, photographer and social critic, he is the author of 20 books, including three books on mindfulness.  Christopher writes a weekly blog on a wide variety of global issues. A former Buddhist monk in Thailand and India, he has lived in Totnes, Devon, England since 1982.

Bodhi Tree, Brighton, Sussex in south-east England has organised this Zoom event.

Do pass the word on.

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