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Are Buddhist Mindfulness Practices used to support International War Crimes?

War, a repulsive form of human behaviour, generates death, mutilation, trauma and destruction of people in cities, towns and villages. Every war has cost numerous lives of men, women and children, and their habitats. Families and friends of soldiers, who have died,   lost limbs or lost their sanity, have shed tears to fill the great lakes. We can never measure the intensity of the suffering due to the actions of armies and armed organisations. Continue reading 

Google and other Corporations use Mindfulness to Search Inside Yourself (SIY). Are you trying to pull the wool over our eyes?

To state it simply, we need to be clear about the benefits of mindfulness and the limits.

In time, the corporate world will move onto the “next big thing” to get excited about as a way to avoid  to any kind of authentic  programme to Search Inside Yourself (SIY)  – to use the ironic expression of Google who long ago sold its soul for profit and the maximisation of market share with its motto “Don’t be evil” used to encourage investors to put their money into a wholesome business. Continue reading 

Has mindfulness been surgically cut off from insight and awakening?

I continue to receive regular emails of concern from seniors in the Dharma about the application of Mindfulness in the corporate world. Here are extracts from two emails.

Extract from an email:

I am very concerned about how silent and complicit the Buddhist, and particularly the Insight Meditation community, is on what is being destroyed right in front of our noses: democracy, the public sphere and the environment while the corporate mindfulness movement boasts about all the ‘good’ they are doing. Continue reading 

The Buddha of Mindfulness. A Stress Destruction Programme

Ever since, Buddhist monks, nuns and Dharma teachers from the Theravada tradition brought mindfulness/meditation to the West, it has been received with open arms. A variety of retreats, course and programmes, residential and non-residential, take place throughout the West week in, week out. Continue reading 

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