Are you experiencing stress, pressure or tension at work in the public or private sector? Do join our 60 minute sessions at 12 noon starting Tuesday 19 May. With Britain’s senior mindfulness teacher, Christopher Titmuss and assistants

These are certainly challenging times for many frontline and key workers. You may work in education, hospitals, social care, police force, a charity or other public service role.

You may be employed in the private sector or self-employed. You may be dealing with stress, anxiety and worry.

Do you need support in terms of useful practices for the work environment to stay clear and calm?

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Mindfulness Support Service C.I.C offers a 4 session Mindfulness and Wellbeing at Work course for for working people starting

12 noon – 1 pm on Tuesday 19 May, 2020.

12 noon – 1 pm Wednesday 20 May 2020

12 noon – 1 pm Tuesday 26 May 2020

12 noon – 1 pm Wednesday 27 May 2020

The course is designed to support you to

  • manage work related stress,
  • improve your home/work life balance,
  • develop mindful communication
  • avoid burnout.

The course is subject to a one-off registration fee of £9.99.  This fee enables participants to attend all four sessions.

The course fee support Mindfulness Support Service – a non-profit company serving adults and children in society.

You are invited to attend as many of the four sessions as you can.

Held through Zoom, the sessions will include practices in mindfulness, a short talk and questions (typed on screen or spoken) and answers.

The  Mindfulness Teachers

Britain’s senior mindfulness teacher and author, Christopher Titmuss will host the hour.

He will be assisted by highly respected Mindfulness teachers, Ulla Koenig for two sessions and Kate Wojcika for two sessions.

Both women lead many webinars on applications of Mindfulness for those facing challenging times.

100% of previous course attendees recommend this course to their colleagues.

Click on the link below for feedback from previous attendees:

Please follow this link to register for the course:

Here is a flyer with further information. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Do forward this link.

Warm regards,

Nshorna Davis


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