Dear Ones, Be Aware of What you Read. Be Aware of What you Write. Don’t become a Clone.

We easily hear and read and without any reflection jump to conclusions. As humans, our tendency to grasp onto myriads views and opinions converts into a personal claim to ‘truth.’

Then comes the next error of judgement – the possession of this ‘truth,’ a self-proclaimed proclamation. Many also fear to stand steady with values, to state a view. even if it is wise and thoughtful.

Here are Ten Ways that might lead us into the Darkness of Views with all the Consequences for ourselves and others.  I try to keep a check in these areas for myself before I post on the blog or on what I write or say elsewhere. As one with a multiplicity of views, I need my readers to give me a regular rap over the knuckles for something I wrote.

  1. Dear Ones, Do you forget to find out if media/social media promotes their own conspiracy theories, as well as unfounded conspiracy theories?
  2. Dear Ones, Do you repeat Fake News as if it contained unshakeable or unquestionable Facts?
  3. Dear Ones, Are you vulnerable to being deceived?
  4. Dear Ones, Do you forget to Question underlying motives in the News/Commentators/Politicians/Corporations /Social Media/Friends?
  5. Dear Ones, Do you fail to see the agenda of influential voices or impressed with what rich and powerful people claim?
  6. Dear Ones, Do you ever engage in any research about what you hear or read?
  7. Dear Ones, Do you limit your mind to the politics of the Left, Right and Centre?
  8. Dear Ones, Do you limit your mind to secular/religious/spiritual views?
  9. Dear Ones, Do you forget there is Science dependent on the different Interpretations of the Science by the Scientists?
  10. Dear Ones, Do you think Truth is limited to views?

When you speak or write

  • Please remember to quote your source of knowledge or information.
  • Do not claim ownership of what you read or say as if you worked it out for yourself.
  • Know the difference between facts, which you have uncovered and repeating hearsay, as if it is the truth you know.
  • Start your sentences with I heard (News, Podcast, YouTube etc) or I read rather than make absolute statements of personal insight or experience. Remember it is hearsay.
  • Use first-hand experience as much as possible.
  • Ensure that concern and compassion inform your views rather than winning an argument.
  • Do not make claims about the scientific evidence unless you can provide on the spot the source of the evidence. Scientists/others can come to different conclusions on the same evidence.
  • Do not fall into generalisations/stereotypes about groups of people – of left, right, centre, religious faith, gender/identity preference, refugees, media/politics and more. There are too many exceptions which make a mockery of generalisations/stereotype.
  • If you are constantly arguing/blaming, such as on issues mentioned above, remember your mind has become trapped in views. The trapped mind reveals insecurity and fear of addressing it.
  • Your views may say more about you than what you refer to.

Take care.

Live wisely.

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