Are we becoming forgetful? 10 Points for Inner Change

If there is a lot on our mind, we easily become forgetful. Family, future, health, work, money and more can occupy a lot of mental space.

Forgetfulness can have an impact on people of all ages, not just seniors. For example, we leave home without a necessary item to take. It reveals a lack of clarity, a fading of mindfulness and forgetting of the purpose to go somewhere.

If so, we start to rely on habit to remember small things and lack the energy for a fresh initiative, even if it has much potential.

Habit is no substitute for purpose. Small actions with purpose bringing extra energy keep us connected with ourselves and our activities.

Here are 10 Daily Exercises.

Develop these exercises to strengthen purposeful activities and the power of remembering what you need to say or do.

1. Remember five items to take out with you. Purse/wallet, keys, bank card, glasses, mobile phone.
2. Consciously make clear you have them rather than habitually knowing. Do this daily.
3. Do not just go for a walk. Walk with a purpose. To experience the body, hear birds or see the colour green etc
4. If you forget something at any time. Name out loud what you forgot. The voice carries more authority than the thought.
5. If you go to the shops to buy something, write a list. Tick off items as you buy.
6. Purposeful action ends the habit and forgetfulness due to extra energy and interest.
7. Purposeful action practiced will then include the steps to check out an opportunity or situation.
8. Keep a journal of purposeful initiatives, no matter how small.
9. Be mindful of hesitancy to act. You might miss an opportunity to forgetfulness of importance of purpose.
10. Appreciate wise action and focussed direction along with what you need to take with you.

Make it a daily practice until it is effortless.
Practice for 40 days and 40 nights and then review.
Be careful not to keep explaining away forgetfulness due to other issues. The issues may no longer be relevant but the habit of lack of focus continues.
Experience the renewal that comes with purposeful action.


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