36 Themes plus of Blogs in the past 16 years. Such themes to continue…

A reader might assume the blogs reveal a wide range of interests of the blogger. Yes. To a degree. Most of the blogs carry a sincere purpose behind the content of the blog – to address suffering and its resolution.

Stating it simply, the blog offers a Buddhist perspective.

The diversity of issues unites under the principle of transforming our perceptions to dissolve stress, projections and reactivity going on in the mind. Wisdom matters.

I started the blog in 2006. At time of writing (December 2022), I have posted around 1080 blogs. Jude, my IT consultant, has transferred around half of the blogs to Substack. The rest will follow in the next week or two.

Click on ARCHIVE at top of home page. See SEARCH. You can type a specific area of interest and you might find a blog or section of the blog on the topic.

Themes of the blogs include:

  1. Action
  2. Books Reviews
  3. Buddhism
  4. Business Critiques
  5. Christopher e-News
  6. Communications/wise speech
  7. Consumerism
  8. Covid
  9. Daily Life
  10. Diet
  11. Dharma Reflections
  12. Emptiness
  13. Liberation
  14. Literature
  15. Medicine
  16. Meditation
  17. Mindfulness
  18. Music Reviews
  19. Pandemics
  20. Past, Present, Future
  21. Philosophy
  22. Photographs
  23. Poems and Prose
  24. Political Issues
  25. Psychology
  26. Relationships
  27. Religion
  28. Retreat Environments
  29. Science Critiques
  30. Social Issues
  31. Social Media
  32. Spirituality
  33. The Arts
  34. The Buddha
  35. Ultimate and Relative Truth
  36. Work
  37. And more…

If you have any areas of specific interest, please send me an email.

Photo. The photo shows the Tree and the Stupa behind in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India. It is said that in this spot 2600 years ago, the Buddha woke up to the realities of life and realised multiple ways to solve human suffering during the night of the full moon in May. This wallah had the privilege of offering two annual 10-day retreats in the Thai Monastery, Bodh Gaya for nearly 50 years.

This blog is found on Substack, which becomes the new host for the blogs.

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