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12 Books of Imaginative, Mystical Fiction revealing a range of Truths

We might imagine that truth reveals itself in science, sacred texts or spiritual authority.

Truth reveals itself in fiction, as well as non-fiction. Continue reading 

Calais at the Crossroads. An Insightful Essay. Artwork. On the Plight of Refugees and our Response.

Do make time to read this insightful and poignant essay CALAIS AT THE CROSSROADS. Robert Norris and Joe Peloquin offer us a statement of concern for the plight of millions of refugees. The essay includes artwork.

Starting with a quote from Anne Frank, who died under Nazi occupation, the opening paragraph reads; Continue reading 

Letting Go and more. Four filmed Dharma teachings. Each one lasting about four minutes.

Here are four clips of Dharma teachings.

Each one lasts for about four minutes.

Filmed for Realize Media by Amy in my front room at home in Totnes, Devon, England.

Module 1: Meeting Ajahn Buddhadasa and Letting Go of the Path

Module 1 Clip

Module 2: Four Truths of the Noble Ones

Module 2:  Clip

Module 3: Love – even in Hard Times

Module 3 Clip

Module 4: Emptiness

Module 4 Clip

From home page of Realize Media website:

RealizeMedia offers spiritual teachings and online courses with

renowned and respected teachers worldwide

using the best online technology and platforms to

bring wisdom, growth and freedom right to you.

Unconditional Love? Not possible. An Exploration of Freedom and Love. Transcription of Part Three of Four Inter-Active Modules. Q and A.

On Sunday 5 March 2018, I had an interactive hour on screen with participants worldwide.

Organised by Realize Media (, this course consists of a deep exploration of the Goal of Dharma/spiritual practice. Continue reading 

Dharma Seminar Friday 4 – 8 May, 2018. Exploration of Inner and Outer Engagement. Saturday 23 – 30, June. Do join

I give a seven day retreat at Waldhaus, Nickenich, near Bonn, in late April 2018. This is completely full. There are plenty of spaces for the two courses below. Do  join. The courses provide the opportunity for exploration with the days including silent periods with some periods for sharing.


Friday 18.00. 4 May 2018 to  noon Tuesday 8 May 2018

Dharma Seminar with Christopher Titmuss

Meditation and Study of Buddha’s Teachings

This course consists of meditation in the morning session with full instructions. Study of Buddha’s teachings in the afternoon. and practice. We select texts directly related and supportive of daily life. We also look at the relevance of a major discourse of the Buddha for practice and insight. There is inquiry, Dharma talk, questions and answers, guided meditation in the evening.  Silence from wake up until 13.30 and from 22.00 until 13.30 next day. The seminar is open to all.

Pauenhof Centre

Pauenhof e.V Pauendyck 1

D-47665 Sonsbeck Hamb

40 minutes from Dusseldorf

Nearest rail stations are Alpen and Geldern.


18.00 Saturday 23 June to Saturday 30 June 2018 Noon.


A Course with Christopher Titmuss

Ulla Konig-Cardanobile and Kerstin Mauth to assist.

This weeklong retreat/seminar explores mindfulness/meditation/service to others.

We will explore our commitment to inner exploration and forms of service to people, animals and the environment. Wisdom and Compassion express two wings of the Dharma.

The week will include mindfulness, meditation, groups and inquiry. Extended period of silence and communication. Emphasis is on experience, not theory.

I would like as many of you in the Agents of Change programme to join this weeklong event.

Priority is given to those who register and pay first. Places for 60 people.

All are welcome.

Pauenhof Centre

Pauenhof e.V.
Pauendyck 1

D – 47665 Sonsbeck Hamb

(40 minutes from Düsseldorf)

Nearest railway stations are Alpen and Geldorn