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When you feel depressed….12 Practices to overcome depression

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A person falls down a well into the water. It is cold and dark down there. The person has enough motivation to climb up the stepladder to get out of the well. One or two people at the top of the well give some support as the person slowly climbs out of the well into the daylight. Continue reading 

Can Buddhists learn from Muslims?

Buddhists and Muslims have more in common than we think. The Buddhist tradition can learn from the religious practices of the Islamic tradition. There is the potential for an important dialogue between Buddhists and Muslims, who share similar priorities in the spiritual life. Continue reading 

From Mindfulness to Liberation. Brighton, Sussex, UK. 12th January evening and/or 13 January from 10 am to 17.00.

Dear Ones,

Do come to evening talk in Brighton, UK, on the 11th evening and/or the Saturday workshop the next day.

We meet in the delightful Dharma School.  Continue reading 

Death Cleaning. Death Practice. Out of Empathy for Others.

I told a friend that I am spending many hours in organisational mode at home. I had a major clear out of old accounts. Accounts more than 10 years old went for recycling. The UK law states that accounts for the self-employed (I prefer non-self-employed) must be kept for seven years. I also organised the current accounts from April 2017 to January 2018  rather than leave it to the end of the year. Continue reading