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Nine Dots Prize. $100,000. Digital Technology and Politics. Extracts from the Winner. A Critique.

In November 2017, I bought a copy of the Times Literary Supplement (TLS), a fortnightly broadsheet with lengthy and often interesting book reviews.

I started reading the publication on the London-Brisbane, Australia flight.   Continue reading 

Democracy needs Proportional Representation. We are still waiting in Britain

If Britain had a democracy in proportion to the votes, the election on 8the June 2017 would have produced a dramatically different result.

A comprehensive democracy is not coming to the UK. Essentially, we have a  two party state instead.

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Thailand. Ajahn Buddhadasa (1906-1993) Conference. Visit to forest monasteries.

Dear Readers, I spent two weeks in Thailand. Arrived home a few days ago. Here are links to my photos taken in small corners of the Garden of Eden. Love Christopher. It was my first visit back to Thailand in 12 years. I was a Buddhist monk in Thailand and India from 1970 – 1976.

Dear Friends in the Dharma,

Once again, I wish to thank Suanmok-Bangkok and BIA for kindly inviting me to attend the international conference and 14 day visit to the forest monastery to mark 111 years since the birth of Ajahn Buddhadasa (1906 – 1993), the sublime revolutionary of Buddhism of the 20th century.  Continue reading