Do you know what is rare about the practice/teaching of mindfulness?

Join our online Mindfulness Teacher Training Course in June 2025 for 12 months.

Here is one reason

If you look at the helping professions, you can appreciate their specialisations – the doctor primarily focuses on the physical condition, the nurse supports the sick and other. Therapy, psychology, psychoanalysis, yoga thi chi, massage, diet, movement and much more employ a specific focus to contribute to wellness of body/mind/spirit for the student, client or practitioner.

Expertise and the skills in a specific area obviously matter in the healing process

Alongside support of the international mindfulness community, mindfulness has a major priority.

The application of mindfulness practice covers every single human activity of every day. No stone is left unturned. Practitioners develop a full and clear relationship to daily life to see what they need develop and what they need to change, inwardly and outwardly.

Without inner development and without inner change, the state of mind will continue as before. Perhaps this is the first point to remember in mindfulness.

Mindfulness includes reflection, time for meditating on what matters, and seeing the purpose of finding the wisdom with regard to events.

A Common Example

The wife attends a mindfulness course. She applies mindfulness to taking a shower, eating food, other activities, including being mindful of her relationship with husband.

During her practice, she suddenly realises how often she says the first thing that comes to her mind in talking to her husband, or rather, at her husband. She complains, regularly disagrees with him, finds fault with him and with people they know.

She makes a quiet commitment to take three three breaths before she speaks. Tone and attitude of her voice changes, showing kindness, empathy and consideration. Her husband feels the difference. Both feel a renewal of love for each other.

The wife continues her daily practice in her commitments, old and new, curious to see what comes up, revealing a new insight or realisation. Her husband sees the difference in her. He is happy for her and for himself the benefits of mindfulness she brings to the table!

Next Mindfulness Teacher Training Course. June 2025 to June 2026

We are currently in the 9th month of our 12-month MTTC, which finishes in early October 2024. There are people from 16 nations in four continents participating in the current Zoom course.

In June 2025, we start the next MTTC. So far, 50 people have put their name down to join the MTTC. Those who complete the Course receive an MTTC Certificate and CPD Certificate (a certificate for completing a professional training, accepted worldwide.

Here is the link to the website containing all the information you require. Overview, FAQ (Frequently asked Questions). Costs. Registration. Payment. Safeguards.

The MTTC is a comprehensive, in-depth course, supportive and nurturing

The Course will give practical support to yourself and others. Mindfulness teachers can adapt their teachings/communications/courses to a full range of people. Mindfulness can support the young and old, healthy and sick, rich and poor, happy and unhappy.

Teachers can employ their prior experience and knowledge in a particular area. They can offer their wisdom and kindness to parents, partner, children, friends, workers in the public/private/self-employed sector and the homeless, prisoners, the hospitalised and wherever people gather or 1-1 inter-views.

There is a registration cost, plus a brief request for a donation during the course. Registration payment starts on 1 September 2024. You can put your name down to reserve a place. See flyer above for email address.

A single insight can change the life of yourself and others.

Do join the MTTC.

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