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Mindfulness of the Coronavirus. An Essay. Part Three. What might be.

2571 words


A Change of Lifestyle

Practical Steps to Deal with Covid-19

Renewal and Climate Emergency

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Mindfulness of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). An Essay. Sub-title. Part One. What was.

This 7600 word essay constitutes three parts.

One blog per part

Part One: What was

Part Two: What is

Part Three: What might be

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Join for an hour for Parents and Carers.Mindfulness webinar inter-action. 20.00 UK time. Tuesday 24 March 2020

Join an hour for Parents and Carers for a mindfulness webinar inter-action in these challenging times.With Christopher and Ulla. Suitable for complete beginners or with some experience in mindfulness. All are welcome from anywhere. 20.00 UK time on Tuesday evening 24 March 2020. Continue reading 

From Neuroscience to Neuro-Consciousness. Towards an Integrated Science. Second of Two Essays on Neuroscience

6000 words

Essay 1. How Much Does Neuroscience Rely Upon Inference? (see next blog)


  • Consciousness and its Content
  • Shortcomings of Looking into the Brain
  • Pleasure and Pain
  • Mind the Gap
  • No Getting Away from Consciousness
  • The Consequences of Exclusion
  • The Buddha and Science. Never the Twain Shall Meet
  • Intelligence and the Brain
  • A Perverse Duality
  • Meditation on the Infinite.

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