ZOOM. SANGHA.LIVE. Monday 6 June to Friday 10 June 2022. 8 am – 9 am CET. Mindfulness – Clear Seeing – Timeless Liberation.


Features of the world seems to go on day by day in an effin mess.Climate change has always impacted on humanity, but the dynamics of the elements of earth, air, heat and water have increased and intensified.
Epidemics and plagues have ravaged societies for many centuries but now it is on a global level.
Wars have murdered countless numbers for a long time but weapons in the 21st century slaughter people and destroy their habitats far more quickly than ever before.
Poor leadership in government, corporations, industries, and their supporters, have generated this mess between them. Leadership in democratic and non-democratic countries have let us down – badly.
There is no point in blaming all humanity for the above.
We tackle inwardly and outwardly, greed, hate and delusion – three primary causes for suffering in this world.
We have to face up to our responsibilities in this mess, as well as addressing the outer.

You are invited to join our 60-minute morning sessions (CET. Europe time) from
8 am to 9 am, Monday 6 June to Friday 10 June 2022
Come as many days as possible.

We will concentrate every morning on the state of our inner life.
The inner impacts on the outer, as well as vice-versa.
We will address four primary questions on our inner life.

What’s the issue?
What needs to change?
What needs to develop?
What’s the resolution?

These daily sessions can offer inspiration, insight and creative initiatives, plus techniques, tools and tips for mindfulness/meditation in daily life.


Dharma Teachings embrace past, present and future knowing the value and the limits of the here and now.
Mindfulness starts the process to notice, to reveal and take steps.
Clear seeing includes exploring and changing problematic conditions for suffering, gross or subtle.
Liberation brings the best out of us. We no longer abide in a contracted condition.

The sessions offer an opportunity for the Sangha to meditate regularly with a community of like-minded Dharma practitioners.

Format: Dharma teaching/reflection, guided meditation and interactive Q and A.
Click here to go to home page of Sangha Live. No charge. Offered on a donation basis for Sangha Live team and teachers.

Do participate. A single point can change a life.

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