Anonymity. A Poem

A role, an identity, a function,
a disguise to mask the blessing
of an anonymous way of life
of my refuge in unknown fields.

My face means nothing
beyond the mirror
in shadows of false dawns
to appear before the other

This upsurge of a minor figure,
a construct without substance
oh, what joy to linger in
the heartland of anonymity.

Unknown to others,
unknown to myself,
the music of signless wonder
of space without shadows.

No belonging to another
no belonging to myself
I cannot ask for more than that
I can only find more than that.

No arrival, no departure
no form to adopt
pointless visibility
no imitation of everyday life.

Who perceives self
becomes blind in both eyes
this anonymity shows
fertility of the nameless.

What seeds nourish the
quiet of being nobody?
hidden replaces fixations
to upsurge in this expanse.

A pilgrimage without a pilgrim
no start, no end,
no self of senseless packing
no thinking of senseless thinking.

In this non-belonging,
in this non-connection
let us salute anonymity
free from formed restraints.

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