Why Did We Lose Our Way? An Apocalyptic Poem

Why did we lose our way like this?
fraught with such energy abuse,
as long as sun shines on crack’d minds,
starving the brightest undergrowth,
with long needs for fresh sensations,
to take away the heat and despair.

Do elements strike our pain’d minds?
farmers sweat falls upon dry fields,
babies suck their mother’s warm breast,
a wood pigeon loses its voice,
weak wheat trembles in the silence,
we forgot nature seals the days.

Is this our doom in season’s spell?
we crawl slowly to winter’s cold,
pennies found under the sofa,
layers of clothes bear not the chill,
mindful of cost, hardships ahead,
while broken promises abound.

Does our lifestyle reach the raw sun?
this world of empty gestures sold,
who will switch off the last bright light?
who will make the last laugh on earth?
as we lie in our open graves,
eyes open wide to stars above.

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