DHARMA YATRA. An Eco-Pilgrimage of Teachings, Practices and Community. August 2022. Germany, A Poetic Reflection

Christopher and Ulla Koenig led our eco-pilgrimage in the green hills north of Reutlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany from 2 – 12 August 2022. A full attendance of 50 people, plus two teachers, participated in the Yatra ranging from 18 months old to 78 years.

Participants came from Australia, Europe, Israel, Singapore and the USA. We camped in three fields over the 10 days made freely available by kind local farmers.

A feature of the Buddhist tradition, the Yatra has an unbroken history of 2600 years.

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The Yatra. A Poetic Reflection

We walk in a single file. Silently.

We walk mindfully and cultivate loving kindness and deep friendship for everybody – without exception.

We walk respectfully, step by step, on the Earth.

We develop an intimacy and love for the natural world.

All participants support the community of pilgrims to share all the tasks day by day.

Meeting with the Elements

The earth, air, heat and water elements contact with the element of consciousness.

Space element reveals itself within and around us.

Unification of pilgrims and nature reveals an enviro-mental engagement.

We walk to heal ourselves and others from the pain of conflict and suffering.

We walk to overcome our fears, develop inner resilience and cultivate a deep empathy for others.

We experience solitude and companionship.

We are willing to listen.

We are willing to speak from the heart.

We are willing to speak our mind with firmness and clarity.

Being Together

We walk.

We eat together.

Our Yatra diet comes from the plants of the Earth.

We sing and dance.

We meditate in silence.

We listen to teachings.

We take notice of the responses/voices of children, queers, women, men and other sentient beings.

Power of Sharing

We share our experiences.

We inquire.

Reflection on the past and vision for the future reveals the way forward.

Emptiness of ego and clinging reveals freedom of being and the flowering of love.



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