What to do to reduce the impact of the Global Pandemic? Part Two of Three

We need tough measures to meet the threat of pandemics, underlying health issues and a possible catastrophe among the global population.

It is easy to dispute every link below. I can offer lots.

Please feel free to challenge anything in the list – providing you make alternative proposals.

You can advocate that we do nothing, even if the Covid-19 virus spreads unrestrained, to every family, especially the elderly.

You may have that view. If so, please state why.

You do not need to be an expert to have a view. The scientific and medical ‘experts’ deep down know they are not experts. Like most of the rest of us, they do their best according to information at hand and personal viewpoint.

In (mostly) Alphabetical Order

  1. No Lock down at home (to reduce stress, loneliness and domestic anger). No Lock down for shops or businesses. All shops to remain open which provide practical benefits for daily life including coffee shops, cafés and restaurants providing healthy food and drink.
  2. Fast food chains offering French fries, a bun with meat and sauce wedged between, must change their menu to stay open – as part of a nationwide campaign to reduce underlying health issues.
  3. No quarantine of visitors to the country. All visitors and returning residents from overseas to be handed a government Face mask upon arrival. Plane, train, ship and coach businesses to cover the cost or health insurance.
  4. All visitors given a temperature check on arrival and departing passengers. Quarantine applies to those who need medical supervision due to underlying health issue or symptoms of flu.
  5. Capitalists owners use their wealth first to support their staff and stop demanding that the government, via taxpayers, pay their staff
  6. Passengers need a health certificate from a health clinic before departure to another country, via email or written application. Application answers questions on health as asked when renewing a driving license.
  7. Airlines etc to bear financial responsibility for any hotel quarantine of their customers.
  8. Businesses, such as Amazon, who have made £billions from lock down, to pay an additional Covid-19 tax to support government expenditure on the pandemic.
  9. Face masks to be worn outdoors, except if walking alone in countryside, gardening, working in allotments, fields, farming etc or well removed from others in the park
  10. Face masks to be worn in the workplace, in the car, taxi etc between people of different households.
  11. Government to provide every person in the country government approved Face masks, which the postal services delivers to homes.
  12. Meat factories and meat markets to close due to frequent Covid-19 infections of employees. Workers will switch to working outdoors on organic farms.
  13. Millionaires/Billionaires to pay major tax on their wealth before government give support to their businesses to support nation’s cost of pandemic.
  14. Nation to make land available throughout the country to grow organic food so the country is self-sufficient.
  15. Plastic gloves to be provided at entrance to everyone who enters any shop.
  16. Plastic screens across the middle of the table and between chairs in all coffee shops and restaurants.
  17. Plastic screens in hospitals, clinics, homes for the aged, etc.
  18. Public transport to be silent zones between strangers to reduce spreading virus.
  19. Small corner stores and high street shops sell all non-food, as well as healthy food to support immune system of customers.
  20. Social distancing to be one metre.
  21. Supermarkets can only sell healthy food and reduced to a single isle to sell junk food (sweets, crisps, fatty/salty foods and meat).
  22. Shops in high street sell all household items, including food, for renewal of the high street. Supermarkets restricted to food and nothing else.

May all beings live with peace of mind

3 thoughts on “What to do to reduce the impact of the Global Pandemic? Part Two of Three”

  1. The problem with the science of Covid-19, is mainly that it is a new virus and scientific research take time.
    So scientists still doesn’t know enough about the virus (and they are ready to admit it)
    But scienctists are trained in gathering data and reaching conclusions based on it, so given enough time to do research you could trust them to reach trustworthy conclusions.
    If you want to come up with your own science I would expect you to explain your methods, which data do you refer to, how did you analyse it, and how did you reach your conclusions.

    This not refers to your sociopolitical offers (for example the extra tax you offer amazon to pay) but to your medical offers.
    For example, the no quarantine proposal (when it is known that also presymptomatic people can spead the virus) and Social distancing to be one metre.

  2. Rather than face masks, citizens practice self discipline and cough and sneeze into a tissue paper.
    Plastic gloves do not solve the issue, the gloves can carry the virus too which can easily enter the body if you touch your face, eyes, mouth. Washing hands and not touching your face with your hands will help better rather than the huge waste that disposable plastic gloves will create.

  3. Michael Barton

    Thank you Christopher. Since there are lots of “experiments” going on in various countries (South Korea, New Zealand, Iceland, and Sweden for example), what I’m most interested in is an independent comparison of the leaders to see what’s working and what are the costs (financially, to civil liberties, lives, etc.).

    We have a 17 year old a few miles from here who did this with regards to the daily tallies. Anyone come to mind?

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