We cannot go back to the ‘Normal’ of 2019. Let’s support radical change – a far bigger change than the 18th century Industrial Revolution. Part Three of Three

Twelve Proposals for a fundamental change for the well-being of people, animals and the environment.

Please feel free to make up your own list and put the word out.

  1. A dissolution of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, NATO and the controlling power of the oligarchy of billionaires.
  2. A massive overhaul of harmful/unethical industries – fossil fuel, shipping, air travel, fashion industry, pharmaceutical industry, exploitive food industry, sports and entertainment industry.
  3. Breakup of big business and end to takeover of small businesses.
  4. Cancellation of debts of poor nations.
  5. Development of a Green economy – for a sustainable consumption and sustainable production.
  6. Development of a respectful relationship between people, animals environment.
  7. Education to meet the urgent needs of the 21st century rather than encourage self-interest.
  8. End to the export of arms.
  9. Online businesses, such as Amazon, pay a business tax, parallel to high street shops, on every square metre of space they use.
  10. Online businesses, who have made £billions from the lock down, to pay an additional Covid-19 tax – to support government expenditure on the pandemic.
  11. Supermarkets only permitted to sell nutritious food and no other products.
  12. High street shops and corner shops to sell food and all other household items for renewal of high street.



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