What Shows Stress in the Mind? 20 Signs

Here are 20 Signs of Stress in the mind. Be mindful of any signs. What triggers most stress? What do you need to remember? What is a fresh approach?

Explore steps to reduce the stress, otherwise it will continue to build. Stress can have a major impact on health. Explore steps to feel and know a deep sense of well-being. Freedom from stress confirms one of the best expressions of human freedom.

Happiness is a great wealth. Stress robs us of natural happiness.

20 Signs of Stress

1. A neglect of healthy diet, regular exercise and conscious movement
2. Being busy.
3. Desire and dependency on results
4. Fear of not getting things done
5. Fear of not being successful
6. Fear of things going wrong
7. Forgetting to cultivate harmony between mind, emotions and body.
8. Getting out of touch with the body
9. Indulging in stories, fantasies and logical arguments
10. Inflated self-esteem or coping with low self-esteem
11. Loss of appreciation and gratitude
12. Loss of humour, enjoyment and happiness
13. Manipulation of others to get peace of mind
14. Neglect of recognition of beauty
15. Neglect of stillness of being
16. Preoccupation with past, present and future
17. Preoccupations in the mind inhibiting sleep
18. Resistance to tasks and activities
19. Too much thinking about something
20. Trying to have total control over one’s life or life of another.

Reflect on primary conditions for stress. Share experience with others. Find out what reduces stress and apply.

Don’t ignore the signs.

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