Eckhart Tolle. A response from a person participating in his recent Zoom course

I posted two blogs on Eckhart Tolle out of more than 1000 plus blogs on multiple themes over the years. I wrote about his name on the rich man’s list and the spiritual industry in his name.

I posted the first blog in 2014 and the second in 2021. I recently received in an email a comment to my blog. I am posting the comment for your interest. This is my third and last blog on this theme.

Thank you to those who sent in Comments to the previous two blogs. Here is the email:

Hi Christopher,

Just came across your blog post re the above. I am currently undertaking an 8-week course called ‘Being the Light’ by Eckhart, which includes teachings from his wife Kim.

I should say that so far, I have enjoyed the course and it has been very helpful. However, I do appreciate what you are saying and have questioned the money-making side of his endeavours right from the start but put it to the back of my mind. I do not doubt that he is or was enlightened.

At least when he produced the material that is being made and sold. I do wonder about it though. I have paid $297.00. reduced from $497.00 for a limited time for the course, which includes 8 modules of pre-recorded videos by him and some from Kim.

They are not even live.

Also, I have free membership of his website, which ends at the end of the course, but payment will be taken after this if I don’t unsubscribe. Much like other shopping sites.

There is a live forum meeting once a week with guidelines, but no actual teaching. There is a forum for posting, but no contact details for feedback or comments on the course itself, to the admin, or to Eckhart Tolle.

Luckily, I could afford to pay for the course, but there will be many who can’t. I agree that he is probably a very wealthy man now and would like to know where the money goes to. It seems to me that he has now set out and completed what he wants to do, and now living off the return. I suppose he must be getting on a bit now, so I don’t know his full circumstances, and I get that he has given over a massive amount of his time and energy in his teachings. But financially it has made him very wealthy.

The Course was originally run about 6 months ago and may have been live at that time, because he uses questions and answers from those sessions on the videos. However, this is a repeated output of the same course with no live contact with either Eckhart or Kim, which I find strange. Even when you do an online course, you usually get personal feedback from your teacher.

I do not think he does many personal appearances now. Most of the videos are recordings these days.

Kind regards

Extract from my reply to the above email.

Dear …

I invite Eckhart to respond, but it seems most unlikely he would make a comment, even if he saw this blog.

Warm wishes

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  1. Eckhard Tolle is completely embedded in the capitalistic machine and although he hold a genuine vision (nothing really new, neo advaita mainly) his elemental nature seems to happily collaborate with forces that are not working in the same direction than what he advocates in his teachings). That is probably the difference between a bodhisattva and a “spiritually awakened” human being. The first one elemental’s nature has completely embodied the vision, He/she is “in the world” but not “from the world”. Vision is one thing, the spiritual courage to walk through the fire of complete embodiment and rebirth is another one.

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