What People Often Say about Donald Trump

What People Often Say about Donald Trump

The proliferation of voices justifying or condemning Donald Trump, the Republican candidate who want to become the US President, easily feed into his need for attention. 

There are those who say that Donald Trump speaks his mind. It is true. It was the reason for the analysis in the previous blog titled Does Donald Trump need therapy?

There are those who refer to him as mad, deluded or call him a megalomaniac. This kind of rhetoric sheds no light on the psyche of Donald Trump. People get angry with his public statements and such voices of anger add more fuel to the fire of anger in America. Trump fuels the anger.

There are those who believe Trump is very clever in the way he garners so much media attention. It would be more prudent for such people to focus on his ignorance that leads to rejection of Muslims, Mexicans and others.

There are those who defend Trump by claiming his right to free speech. It would be more skilful if such defenders learn to discern the difference between wise speech and inflammatory speech.

There are those who believe Trump might initiative real change in America without examining the changes that Trump has in mind.

There are those who compare Trump to Hitler, Mussolini and other dictators. What is the point of comparing the Republic candidate with European tyrants of the 1930s and 1940s?

There are those who ignore politics and avoid expressing concern. Like three foolish monkeys, such people put their hands over their eyes, ear and mouth.

There are those who use the language of the wish to have a ‘balanced view’ rather than incisive insights and actions for compassionate change.

There are others who say Trump is a mirror of our own mind. Such people have the right to compare themselves with Trump but such people go too far to make such a perception into a generalisation about everybody else.

We need to feel concern about the current political events and trends in America and find ways to express our concern.

We also may need to take time to reflect when we rubbish people and the consequences upon them and ourselves. We also need wise and compassionate leadership. As with countries elsewhere, people in the USA deserve better than the past and present pursuers of political power.

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  1. I heard that it was Bill Clinton who first seeded the idea in Donald Trump’s mind that he run for Pres. The person who said this was a musician ( forget name) from the South of the US, and said (on ABC radio) that southerners are very sneaky. This makes sense to me – a long game is being played.

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