The Failure of the Left

The Failure of the Left

Presidents and Prime Ministers of the so-called Left, journalists from the left, people of faith, scientists and academics have collectively compromised on ethics, social justice, wealth redistribution, gun control, racism in our insitututions, exploitation of the poor, environmental issues and more.

Liberal voices have become weak, ineffectual and lacking passionate conviction and policies.

We remain grateful to our public servants in political, social and religious life, who stay true to ethics, values and a deep concernn for disadvantaged people, animals and the environment.  We need fearless voices from the Left to spark revolutionary change.

Apart from occasional murmurings, past and the present, much of the influential Left has shown a reluctance to address directly the rotten practices of powerful and wealthy political/corporate leaders.

The Left has failed to protest in a sustained and vigorious way at their narcissism, corruption, tax avoidance, obscene salaries, money laundering and disregard for the poor and marginalised.

Free speech emerges from emotional/intellectual intelligence and integrity.  Such speech offers an exploration of major issues whereas speech emerging from a leaders with corrupted minds show a  disregard for millions of people and their circumstances.

The liberal classes show an unwillingness to challenge the growing power of the privileged elite at the expense of the many.

Influential liberals and those who claim to be on the Left of politics have found ways to benefit financially from association with those who hoard wealth.

The cap-in-hand mentality towards the billionaire class shows the Left’s failure of vision and lack of responsibility to the people they represent.

The signs are not healthy.

We need change. A radical, fundamental root and branch change.

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  1. There are a lot of threats. People die because they speak out. There is surveillance everywhere. The current monetary system is a fraud. It only serves short term profits and creates monopolies. Unless this is changed there will never be a breakthrough! This is just how the game works

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