USA, NATO countries and President Putin have much in common. They think and act in similar ways. What conditions can end the war in Ukraine?

Photo above: Russia bombing of Kyiv, capital of Ukraine.

Photo below: US bombing of Baghdad, capital of Iraq.

  • How would you (Ukraine) feel if the people in a big house with a big garden (Russia) invaded with a huge army your small house and garden (Ukraine) next door and got rid of the fence?
  • How would you (Russia) feel if a big group (NATO) might turn up one day with weapons pointed at you day and night from the garden of your small neighbour (Ukraine) at your big house and garden (Russia)?
  • How would you (Russia) feel if your neighbour (Ukraine) wants to give permission to the big group (NATO) to set themselves up in the small garden because of their suffering over years from the big neighbour (Russia)?

USA have a long and brutal history of waging wars on non-democratic and democratic countries to force them to align with the world view of the USA with the unquestioning nodding of approval from countries like the UK. This Western view/ideology includes the:

  • Ideology of a two-party system
  • The privatisation of natural resources
  • Consumerism
  • Maximisation of personal self-interest

USA and NATO made every effort to expand its power right up to the edge of Russia. The EU failed to challenge the expansionism of the USA/NATO and the increasing pressure on Russia. Western political leaders ignored year after year the psychology of President Putin and his inner circle.

Collective narcissism cannot understand the collective narcissism of the ‘enemy.’

Former USA Presidents Bush and Obama with the support of NATO invited Ukraine to join NATO with little or no regard for the impact on Russia of such an invitation.

USA has engaged in regime change in Central and South America for decades to put an end to any kind of socialism or absence of deference to the USA.

US foreign policy has engaged in the overthrow of around 12 countries in Central and South America in the past six decades.

What would be the response of the USA if Canada or Mexico elected a far left, socialist government which nationalised its industries and health care system?

We do not need to be brainy to answer that question. The US would bring about the downfall of the government if the USA perceived threats to the so-called American way of life.

Successive Presidents of the USA for generations have acted in similar ways as President Putin of Russia. Stating it in simple terms, there is a perceived threat to national interests so invade the country by air, land and from the sea.

Ukraine finds itself mercilessly squeezed between the big powers with vested interests to the East and West of the country. Our hearts reach out to the nightmare of their circumstances. We cannot find the words to describe the cold and merciless decision of the Russian government to order their army to engage in systematic destruction of Ukraine.

In June 2021, NATO said Ukraine could become a member of the Alliance with the Membership Action Plan (MAP) as an integral part of the process. Ukraine joined NATO’s enhanced opportunity partner inter-operability programme.

USA/NATO/PUTIN Expansionism – A similar mindset

President Putin engages in the annexation of territories close to Russia with Putin pursuing influence worldwide – Europe, Middle East, China, India and the rest of the West.

Here is a summary of USA/NATO expansionism in recent decades.

The US has bombed 13 Arab countries in the past 40 years,

During the last year of the Presidency of Barack Obama, the USA sanctioned further support for the bombing of Arab countries. Vice-President Joe Biden stood right behind Obama during his eight years in office.

Biden is now the US Commander-in-Chief. I don’t recall him questioning the relentless bombing of Arab nations. I don’t recall him showing any compassion for the suffering of millions in Arab countries. I don’t recall him demanding a change in the aggressive relationship of NATO to Russia.

Here are the 13 Arab/Muslim countries who have suffered under US bombing including drone attacks and/or provided countries with bombs. USA has funded the Israel government/military for the regular bombing of Gaza and ongoing occupation of Palestine.

In alphabetical order.

  1. Afghanistan (1998, 2001-),
  2. Bosnia (1995),
  3. Iran (1980, 1987-1988),
  4. Iraq (1991-2011, 2014-),
  5. Kosovo (1999),
  6. Kuwait (1991),
  7. Lebanon (1983),
  8. Libya (1981, 1986, 1989, 2011),
  9. Pakistan (2004-)
  10. Somalia (1992-1993, 2007-),
  11. Sudan (1998),
  12. Syria (2014 – 202)
  13. Yemen (2000, 2002-).

A total of 24, 287 bombs were dropped on Iraq and Syria alone in 2016. In April 2017, under the orders of President Trump, the US dropped its biggest bomb on Afghanistan. The bomb weighed 9,800 kilos with a length of more than nine metres. US military referred to the bomb as the Mother of All Bombs (MOAB).

I also don’t recall huge outbursts of compassion, fund-raising, and public anguish for the Arab world, such as we have witnessed in the past month for the war crimes inflicted on Ukraine.

‘We are the good guys and the Russians are the bad guys’ sounds like a mind caught up in prejudice. Meditate for a minute or two on the two pictures at the top of the page. Tell me the difference for the victims of the bombing and shelling in Baghdad and Kyiv. It is like saying “We will bomb you and destroy your cities to liberate you.”

USA used huge bombs, cluster bombs and Tomahawk Cruise Missiles to cause death, suffering and widespread destruction, as well as sending in large armies forcing millions of Muslims and others to become refugees in numerous countries.

An estimated 800,000 to 1.3 million Iraqis may have died during the US led war on Iraq to kill the regime and destroy non-existent factories producing non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Do George Bush, Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin reveal a similar abuse of power?

President Putin ordered on 24 February 2022 the bombing and invasion of Ukraine. Arrogant, cruel and vindictive, Putin has shown himself to be an obsessive expansionist willing to commit war crimes to gain control over a country. He is not alone in such actions in recent decades.

USA and its Western allies have ordered their army to inflict wilful suffering on cities, towns and villages in numerous countries in its obsession with expansionism to control other countries.

Who knows if NATO will bomb the Russian army in Ukraine?

Who knows if Putin will drop bombs on other European countries?

One side or the other or both could trigger a European war, nuclear war or world war.

Both sides remain absolutely convinced the other side is the threat to international and domestic security. Powerful /regional/national/military/economic forces impact on each other in the blame game. These forces co-exist. None were the first cause of global issues.

13 Possible Conditions to Resolve this Current War in Ukraine following dedicated diplomacy.

One government can show an initiative, but the other government must agree and co-operate in the steps towards a resolution. Below are some of the specifics in the steps towards ending this obscene war like all wars.

  1. Ukraine formally declines the invitation to join NATO
  2. Ukraine declares itself a neutral country.
  3. US states it will never permit Ukraine to join NATO
  4. Ukraine has no military alliance with US or EU.
  5. Russian residents in the Donbas region of Ukraine have a vote on their future
  6. USA and NATO end engagement in the militarization of countries close to Russia.
  7. Russia withdraws its army from Ukraine.
  8. NATO agrees to end the systematic increase of tension between NATO and Russia.
  9. Russia, US, NATO and EU develop co-operation with a view to reducing expansionism.
  10. An ending of the sanctions on Russia.
  11. Steps taken to understand Russia’s painful history due to threats, invasions and wars on its soil by European countries
  12. Russia, US and NATO provide all the funds to rebuild Ukraine.
  13. Russia and European countries cover the cost of the return of Ukrainian refugees to their homeland.

As citizens, we have the duty to challenge the ideologies and the violence of these powerful forces, namely the USA, NATO, Europe, Russia and elsewhere.

Let us not take sides. More than 16 million Russians died in World War 2 at the hands of the Nazis. That was about 20% of the population. Around 5 million people out of 37 million in Ukraine died in World War 2. Such a national trauma in such countries and elsewhere stays for generations. NATO wars on Arab nations have traumatised millions in small, poor countries.

Another 50 million to 70 million worldwide died in World War 2.  The personal, social and national impact can continue upon those born long after the war.

Let us make clear the range of causes for national suffering. Without meaningful change, history repeats itself.

Let us appeal for fundamental changes in perceptions, values and actions to develop meaningful and lasting human relationships.

We have a voice.

Let us not go quietly into the night.



6 thoughts on “USA, NATO countries and President Putin have much in common. They think and act in similar ways. What conditions can end the war in Ukraine?”

  1. And underlying all of the mentioned countries and ideologies is patriarchy–in various cultural modes. I believe Buddhism can help the world recover healthy forms of social organization.

    Thank you, Christopher

    With metta,
    Ann Douglas

  2. I think we could add on the list of Arab people suffering from US and EU actions the Palestinian

    They are all arming their Occupant furnishing him every year billions and billions of money to buy the most sophisticated weapons while qualifiying the dominated without any means of defense (no army like the Ukrainians) of ” terrorist” – a radioactive étiquette which makes them “pariah” deserving the most cruel treatment

    By refusing to sanction the Occupant violations of international law, they are enabling him to purrsue the colonization and the robbery of Palestinian land and resources, destroying their houses and their natural environment

    US has put more than 40 times its veto to UN resolutions aiming to protect the Palestinians and to enable them to live with all the rights granted to free men and women in the West.

  3. Marcin Lachowski

    This is not buddhist perspective, this is repeating russian propaganda. For example NATO wasn’t “expanded”. Countries like Poland, Estonia or Romania WILLINGLY and with OVERWHELMING public support joined NATO, because they RIGHTFULLY feel threatend by Russia.

    Russia is unable to have friendly neighbours because it wants to subjugate everyone around (like it did with Belarus). If some country doesn’t want to be subjugated, Russia feels “thretened”. That is their concept of security: to control everyone. Who doesn’t want to be controlled by Russia is considered nazi, or Russophobe.

    You propose “Russian withdraws its army from Ukraine”. Great idea, I’m for it. But does it include areas Russia has taken before current phase of agression like Crimea and Donbas?

    You say that Ukraine should do not what Ukrainians want to do (join EU and NATO), but what Russia wants Ukraine to do (be “neutral”). That Russia (not the Ukrainian people) deserves to have control over fate of Ukraine. You give the predator power over its prey.

    You wrote long list of US and NATO sins. I could to go through it point by point. But I prefer to ask: do you really put Zelensky and Saddam Hussein in one basket?

    There was an argument that US would invade Canada if it tried to ally itself with Russia. Perhaps it would. But why doesn’t Canada seek such alliance? And why Ukrainians are ready to risk everything to distance themselves from Russia? Perhaps if US did such thing to Canada that Russia did to Ukrainians (#holodomor, extermination of elites) and if US president claimed that Canadians are just Americans who went astray and they have no right to exist as separate nation, then even Canadians would reconsider their alliance with US.

    You say that NATO and Russia are similar. I don’t know your personal experience in that matter, but I was born under Russian/Soviet occupation. I’ve spent first 22 years of my life under communism. Now Poland is in NATO and EU and I can make my own comparision. And I beg to differ.

    1. Thank you, Marcin, for a viewpoint which is rooted in experience, and is based on a perspective grounded in history.

  4. Brilliant assessment needed to be said. Forgot to mention the horrific bombing of Gaza and the West Bank by Israel
    With US weapons

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