A Broken Promise. A Poem on Relationships. From the Personal to the Political

Life reveals itself as countless expressions of relationships.

We share relationships with others – partner, family, friends, colleagues, strangers and the unfriendly.

We share a relationship with creatures – in the wild, on farms, in laboratories and with pets.

We co-exist with possessions and think about what we want to form more relationships/ownership.

We have a relationship with ourselves – want this, reject that, up and down, indulgence and despair.

Corruption in relationship starts from within. If we go deep into the issue, we bring fresh life to a situation.

Our relationship with others includes the personal, social, the nation state and the inter-being of nations.

A conflict of interest between two people has parallels with relationships between governments – varying depths of suffering.

The breaking of wise promises, agreements and contracts with others triggers much suffering.

And more…

A Poem.

A Broken Promise.

A broken promise torments time’s heartbeat,

and shadows drive, regret what we conserve,

endless reflections given such discreet,

we cling to such despair and such reserve,

betrayal, splintered mirror, stress so deep;

our memory pains from yesterday’s cold words,

our pain exposes chaos, numb of sleep,

a stormy scene has made us act as drunkards,

loss drags on, then stays past all we can hope,

we lose our path and can’t let matters air,

a curse impacts on fortune’s way to cope;

our tight defence plus views for blame declare.

We let go mean display of painful plight,

we see the way to new beginnings light.

Photo shows a big tree I am responsible for in my street in Totnes. The tree had become rotten from within with a huge hole near its foot on the other side to the camera. Tree surgeon cut down the tree as it could topple in a fierce storm. The surgeon did not know if the tree would survive the electric saw. A year later the tree started to come back to life.

Poems from the Edge of Time

Christopher Titmuss. 2015. 

Available on Amazon.


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