Two Global Pandemics. The State of the Earth. Fear around Big Issues and Fear around Personal Issues. Can We live without Fear?


We live in challenging times with two global pandemics, Delta and Omicron, and global uncertainty for the Earth.

Fear may arise in our mind owing to countless circumstances.

The Buddha referred regularly of the intimacy of consciousness with the four primary elements and the importance of a wise relationship with them.

We witness the global pandemic and the impact of the elements –

  • earth (destruction/exploitation/earthquakes)
  • air (pollution/virus/tornadoes/hurricanes)
  • heat (climate change/high temperatures/forest fires/volcanoes)
  • water (melting icecaps/rainstorms/intense monsoons/floods).

The current impact and the potential for greater impact can contribute to increasing our level of fear about the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

The painful experience of exposure to an upheaval of the elements can leave countless numbers of people traumatised and more.

Teachings and practices point the way to transformation of fear – all of it.

Three Ways for Fear to Express

There are only three areas for fear to express – heart-mind, communication (spoken/written) and body. We find ourselves vulnerable to fear due to global/social events and the influence of powerful institutions instilling more fear into us.

Fear may grow at the personal level, social, political, and global level. Fear reveals a contraction around an issue. We think we cannot live without fear. The opposite is true. We cannot live with fear. If fear is indispensable to human life, then the logic says we cannot dissolve any of our fears.

If we need fear to protect us, then we should cultivate as much fear as possible on the irrational logic it will offer a strong protection.

Do we have choice with fear? We might think “I have experienced enough fear on this issue, so I am choosing to stop fear inside me from this moment onwards from continuing.” Is your mind going to take any notice of your choice?

Anybody who lives in fear wants the fear to end. It can. We can dispense with it. Fearlessness enables us to live with peace of mind, speak up, to act, to protest and make healthy changes.

We explore ways daily to dissolve fear and respond in fearless ways. That is a humble choice with the potential for deep change.

The company of the like-minded practising to act without fear support our initiatives.

Wisdom dissolves fear and replaces it with a skilful response to situations.

If we can dissolve a single experience of fear, then we know we have the capacity to dissolve any fear.


  1. Sensations in pit of stomach do not confirm fear. Identification with and reacting to such a sensation confirms fear.
    2. Fear can show itself in thought, word, and deed without experiencing a sensation in the body.
    3. Sharing of experiences
    4. Exploring together or alone alternatives to dissolve fear
    5. Taking small, bold steps
    6. Remembering our capacity to act without fear in the past
    7. To find inspiration from others to act fearlessly
    8. To meditate on the fearless and found fresh ways to look at a situation
    9. To stay receptive to this big field of co-existence
    10. To develop dignity and integrity through not caving into fears.

May all beings live in a fearless way

May all beings live with wisdom

May all beings enjoy a liberated life.

3 thoughts on “Two Global Pandemics. The State of the Earth. Fear around Big Issues and Fear around Personal Issues. Can We live without Fear?”

  1. Schmid-Volk, Wolfgang

    Only wisdom redeems fear! When we consider FEAR as the most powerful condenser of any experience a human being can have, than more or less being addicted to it, calls for a therapeutic intervention! Cleaning up, taking care of our unconscious shadow material helps a lot. Avoids projections and all the undesired conflicts it engenders! And FEAR also: forever evading another reality. It definitely will be the ABSOLUT, but even in the realm of relativity, the world of form, we might consider preferences! Outer circumstances will never be perfect, but an inner perfection may go a long way! It will also guarantee, that we will not be victimized by all the negative impacts of the structures around us. this will lead us to wise decisions and actions for one and all! May all beings be fearless and prone to act, live in compassionate embrace of eternal wisdom!

  2. An interesting post Christopher. It’s my belief that the UK government is relying on fear to herd us in the direction it wants us to go in order to achieve its aims, but your post reminds me that each individual is responsible for their own response.

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