CAN LOVE REVEAL ULTIMATE REALITY? Zoom. Sangha Live. 20.00-21.30. CET (19.00 – 20.30. UK time). Sunday 19 December 2021

We know the cost to the reality of life through deprivation of love. Human beings, other sentient creatures and all of life suffers through withdrawal of love, abuse and violence.

Science has eliminated love from its analysis of reality. Science perceives reality through the limited constructs of the mind. You will rarely find the word love in scientific textbooks. We cannot know ultimate reality though highlighting the mind and dismissing the heart or vice-versa.

The Buddha made frequent reference to metta with its three-fold meaning of love, kindness and friendship according to context. He made powerful statements on love – Metta is a Brahma Vihara (literally Abiding/Dwelling  with/in God).

This means an exceptional depth of love transcending conventions. The talk excludes theory and metaphysics.
This talk will speak of such deep love, of abiding with God, and why such love has the power to reveal and awaken us to the ultimate reality.

The evening programme will consist of a 30-minute guided meditation on the theme. 30-minute talk on the theme and closing with Q and A session either in the Chat column of Zoom or spoken.

 20.00 -21.30. CET.  9.00 – 20.30. UK time. PT (L.A.) / 2pm ET (N.Y.) Sunday 19December 2021
To join. Go to link below. There is no registration fee.
Britain’s senior Dharma teacher, Christopher Titmuss has been teaching worldwide for 45 years.  His teachings embrace insight meditation(vipassana), expansion of the heart and a liberating wisdom. A former Buddhist monk in Thailand and India, poet and blogger, he is the author of more than 20 books. He has lived n Totnes, Devon, England for nearly 40 years.

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