The Dangerous Power of Artificial Intelligence. Does AI then stand for Artificial Insanity?

Artificial intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence primarily through computers. Computer engineers/programmers develop Artificial intelligence algorithms to make decisions, often using real-time data, to influence behaviour.

AI attempts to mimic human behaviour to assemble information to determine the ongoing desire and needs of people in society. The combination of data, analytics and superfast automation enable governments and businesses to adapt their objectives to maximise influence, power and profit upon the minds of citizens.

Here are examples of abuse of Artificial Intelligence

  • Measures our consumer responses so we buy products

  • Engages in marketing of goods to match our current and recent shopping experiences

  • Recommends what we need to buy through the profile AI has established

  • Classifies our needs and wants, so we perpetuate them

  • Moulds our attention so we become addicted to mobile phones, play stations and more

  • Encourages us to eat junk food, consume alcohol, gamble, watch tv

  • Spend. Spend. Spend.

  • Engages in product placement in publications, radio and television, as well as on our streets

  • Develops the capacity to stimulate our feelings and emotions to get us to shop

  • Exploits fears and blame to harness our vote

  • Manipulates the public mind to develop brand loyalty

  • Targets ethnic groups to develop their personal desires

  • Propagates hard work and desire to earn more money to acquire more goods

  • Endorses expensive services, international travel and personal success above all else.

  • Use algorithms, namely a set of detailed instructions, for calculations, data processing and automated reasoning. Citizens have no say in the way corporations, including Facebook, use the data collected about us.

We witness the delusion of delusions. Such use of AI means it stands for Artificial Insanity.

PS. Hollywood called it THE MATRIX. The 1% of the elite 1% appear to be in control. The Controllers can’t escape their mortality, their impending death, perhaps dementia, usually within a decade or two, even if they escape to Mars.

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