Spiritual Experiences. In time and place and beyond time and place

Spiritual feelings, sensitivities and insights can arise in many situations.

A spiritual experience reveals a depth of connection outside of pursuit of pleasure, gaining status and accumulation of influence.

A spiritual experience reveals fresh ways of looking at a situation whether a detail or a vast vision.

We might find ourselves in touch with something deeply and genuinely spiritual. The spiritual can provide a support for our life – hard to explain to ourselves and others. Access to spiritual perceptions nourish our lives.

Here are examples of spiritual experiences in time and place and outside of content of time and place.

  • a birth
  • a death
  • a celebration
  • a deep communication with another/others
  • a deep sense of life with its beauty and vulnerability
  • a deep sense of the profound
  • a religious service
  • a sacred meal
  • a shift in consciousness
  • a transformative experience
  • a way of life
  • a wedding
  • a work of art
  • acts of devotion
  • acts of service
  • Intentional celibacy
  • listening to divine music
  • looking up at the night sky
  • making love
  • reading a poem
  • sitting in meditation
  • silent walking in the countryside
  • significant insights
  • solitude
  • liberating realisations
  • transcendent discoveries

Spiritual seeking matters. It is a challenging way of life. Some may claim they know the end of the seeker.  Knowing the end of the seeker does not mean resigning oneself to a mundane way of life.

The end of ego in ‘I’ and ‘my’ of the seeker reveals endless opportunity for extra-ordinary discoveries.

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