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The Unhappiness of the Young. (11-18 year olds). Steps for Parents/Guardians/ to Take.

Far too many young people in comprehensive schools/colleges (aged 11-18), and others, suffer far too much and far too often. Continue reading 

The Intimacy of the Spiritual Path and the Goal. The Significance of Trust in the Process

The text below comes from a transcription, editing of text and adaption of a Zoom talk on the theme. Talk given on 27 November 2021. Mindful Space in Israel organised the Zoom teaching sessions. Four 60-minute sessions with talk, Q and A, guided meditations on first link of Noble Eightfold Path. on Saturday 8 January 2022. All are welcome. See link below to register. Continue reading 

CAN LOVE REVEAL ULTIMATE REALITY? A Guided Meditation. Talk. Q and A. 20.00-21.30 (CET) Sunday 19 December 2021

Do join the teaching on Love and Ultimate Reality. Sangha Live hosts the event.


The Power of Mindfulness. The Power of Kindness. Zoom. Thursday 11 – 14 November 2021. With Christopher (UK) and Suchitra (India)

Join our Dharma Teachings and Practices, via Zoom

Teachers Christopher (UK) and Suchitra Shenoy (India)
Dates Thursday 20.00 to 21.00 11 November to Sunday 11-12 noon 14 November
Theme The Power of Mindfulness. The Power of Kindness. Continue reading 

An Exploration of the Western version of Mindfulness as a Major Branch of Psychology

The Buddha abides as the original voice of mindfulness. Mindfulness belongs in the body of his teachings/practices. The Buddha’s approach to mindfulness reveals a comprehensive exploration offering a great depth of insight. Continue reading