Slow Suicide of Life on Earth. The Climate Emergency. 25 of the Areas for Technical/Legal Solutions

The knowledge, expertise and materials have developed to enable the end of the climate emergency.  Sadly, there is not the political/corporate will, which resists tackling the emergency.

Economic growth, profit and consumer demand take priority over life on the Earth.

We are engaged in slow suicide of life on Earth.

Nuclear Power stations belong to the problem, not the solution. They do not present a viable alternative to fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas.

Nuclear Power stations are not cost effective, nor safe from natural disasters or a breakdown. A nuclear power station can cost triple the price in €billions to build from the original estimate.

Wave/tidal energy, solar farms and wind turbines produce cost effective benefits, easier construction and safe.

Three nuclear power plants involved in the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 cost around $100 billion to clean up contaminated radioactive waste following the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 in Japan.

Germany has ordered the decommissioning off all nuclear power plants in the country by 2022. Only a handful remain in 2019.


Alphabetical Order

  1. Conservation in every area to protect resources
  2. Domestic and Industrial Recycling
  3. Electric vehicles
  4. Eliminate food waste
  5. Energy storage
  6. Family Planning
  7. Farmland restoration
  8. Forest protection
  9. Forest renewal
  10. Green Banks
  11. Green Businesses
  12. Green Industry
  13. LED lighting and solar panel lights for remote villages
  14. Maintenance and Repair
  15. Massive cutting down of land refills
  16. Massive reduction of plastic
  17. Plant-based diet (Vegan)
  18. Public transport
  19. Renewable energy
  20. Solar Farms
  21. Solar panels built into roads of motorways
  22. Taxation for a Sustainable Earth
  23. Telepresence business conference meetings
  24. Wave and tidal energy
  25. Wind turbines.

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