From the Sickness of Economic Growth to Eco-nomics

Capitalism, Economic Growth and Consumerism Belong Together like Wood and Trees.

The agents of capitalism refused to consider the Earth as its only capital. Science, religion, education, work, travel and social life function as means to make profit.

Capitalism measures profit and loss. Capitalism does not measure the consequence loss of the Earth’s resources. As profit increases, resources diminish.

Denial of cost to the Earth and environment reveal a form of mental illness in capitalism/economic growth.

Governments and businesses wage daily campaigns on society to convert all citizens into consumers. This merciless belief system starts with children at home and in school and continues throughout the life of citizens. The harm to people, animals and the environment harm far, far outweigh the so-called benefits of capitalism and economic growth.

Wealth/luxury goods contribute to eco-harm. The population explosion in countries contributes to increased consumption of resources.

Governments and main opposition parties have failed totally to offer eco-nomics to bring an end of capitalism and economic growth.

Eco- nomics relates to ecology, to the environment. Eco-nomics measures the environmental impact, the cost to people, animals and resources.

Fifteen Applications of Eco-nomics

  1. Eco comes from the word ‘house’ in Greek. Production must relate to capital, namely the Earth, and measure the impact on the Earth., which is our home.
  2. Peace of mind and happiness of citizens matter more than materialism. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) serves as the shorthand for materialism.
  3. Citizens work four days a week maximum. This would provide the opportunity for people to explore non-economic pursuits instead constantly pursuing money to buy goods.
  4. Citizens engage in job-sharing rather than job competition.
  5. Major increase in public services.
  6. Set limits to size of growth of businesses.
  7. An end to the luxury goods, useless production and abuse of fossil fuels.
  8. CEO’s and boards of directors to include 25% workers representation and 25%  environmentalists sitting on the board.
  9. CEOs and board of directors to receive no more than 20 times wages of lowest paid workers.
  10. Percentage of income increase in bonuses for bosses accompanies same percentage increase for workers.
  11. Minimal hourly rate and maximum hourly rate.
  12. Eco friendly actions receive immense tax benefits.
  13. Government to set maximum carbon footprint for all businesses per annum. Violation brings about automatic prosecution.
  14. Businesses and governments found guilty of exploitation of eco-nomics must pay for full page apologies in newspapers and social media. Full page apology includes the names of CEO and board of directors.  If found guilty of exploitation of workers, abuse of resources and environment. CEOs have to face public questioning. (Fines to big businesses are the equivalent of a tiny tap on the back of the hand). Fines should take a large percentage of annual profit.
  15. Repeated repetition of abuse from corporations can result in closing them down for extended periods until corrupt businesses makes public declarations to show ethics and social/eco responsibility.

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