Seven Unreliable Sources for Views on Resolving the Global Pandemic


Total cases of people infected with Covid-19


Total Deaths


Two Countries Experiencing the Most Suffering

Cases USA. 1,645,353

Deaths USA. 97,655

Cases UK. 254,195

Deaths UK. 36, 393

Primary Reason

Two governments living in denial for weeks as the pandemic spread worldwide.

Dear Friends,

Dharma teachings point to three most important kinds of knowledge (knowing with insight).

  1. What were the conditions that led up to the present situation?
  2. What is the condition of the present situation?
  3. What might arise in the future?

I have spent many hours in the past few weeks engaged in research in an attempt to find some rinsights into these three primary questions of our species and the welfare of creatures and the environment.

I posted three articles, amounting to 8500 words, on my blog on 26 March, 2020 on what was, what is and what might be. It is now two months later. Ongoing research continues. Friends around the world have  sent me links to essays, academic research and public talks on Youtube. An overview slowly comes together.

There are some very thoughtful people engaged  in inquiry/reseach/analysis including academics, researchers, investigative journalists, independent scientists, doctors, philosophers, economists, ecologists and environmentalists.

Seven Unreliable Sources for Views on Covid-19

  1. Governments are not to be trusted. They are very economical with the truth.
  2. Government appointed chief medical advisors/science advisors appear compliant with their government.
  3. The orthodox in religions often focus on disobedience to God’s will or Doomsday predictions.
  4. Those who adhere to spirituality tend to refer to a ‘wake-up call,’ personal enlightenment and avoid politics.
  5. Pharmaceutical industry want to produce and sell a vaccination for the world’s 7.5 billion people.
  6. Citizens want to get back to normal (time before the virus). They forget that the normal included the conditions for Covid-19).
  7. A percentage of citizens want to minimise the importance of the pandemic. They probably have not witnessed a loved one slowly and painfully die from the virus.

If you dig deeper, you may uncover a radical need for unprecedented change. We cannot go back. A harmful way of life inflicts global suffering. This means action through co-operation.

I plan to put on the blog next month another article of the details to consider for unprecedented change required to sweep away central governments and billionaires who control half the world’s resources.   Much of contemporary science, medicine, the billionaires, the food industry, education and religion appear unfit for purpose. We  have all contributed to this mass of suffering.

Do explore past/present/future. Do examine the variety of views. Pinpoint what changes you wish to make happen.

Then help make the changes happen.

1 thought on “Seven Unreliable Sources for Views on Resolving the Global Pandemic”

  1. Michael Barton

    Thanks Christopher. Things seem to be falling apart. I judge that an important reason for this is unquestioned faith in the wrong sources. The challenge is to find good, honest, uncompromised sources. It is a real, daily challenge. And it’s not just finding them, it’s learning how to find them (and how to suss out the rats). And that comes down to values, which we don’t all share.

    So glad that you’re taking this on.

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